FAVORI scents and aromas that will help keep you refreshed this summer!

While many of us don't really pay attention to how our surroundings smell like, scent can be a very powerful emotional trigger. A certain kind of scent can bring back a certain emotion, remind us of a certain memory, or even create a certain feeling. This Summer #CreateYourFavoriteFeeling with an array of passionately handcrafted scents and aromas for living well.

As days get warmer this summer, you can stay refreshed with this hand-picked selection of FAVORI scents. 

Here are seven (7) Aroma Oils ranging from cheerful citrus aromas to crisp herbal ones to help you “Create your Favorite Feeling”
1. Lemon
2. Lemon Grass
3. Pink Grapefruit
4. Rain Dance
5. The Vert (Green Tea)
6. Verveine Fleur (Verbena)
7. Winter Mint
FAVORI understands how scents help enhance a person’s mood and well-being. Aside from Aerator/Diffuser Aroma Oils, Burner Oils and Reed Diffusers that you are already familiar with,
FAVORI developed Mood Air Sprays, such as the Refreshing Room and Linen Spray as part of its summer collection. It’s basically a handy bottle of freshness that you can take with you anywhere! It’s anti-bacterial, removes unpleasant odors and does not stain linens.
I also highly recommend their new Soy Aroma Candle in Citronella and Lemon Grass, a perfect combination for outdoor activities at the beach or summer picnics. Citronella, a known insect repellant, and the fresh scent of Lemongrass are delicately infused into this 100% vegan, carbon-neutral soy candle, that leaves minimal wax residue and soot buildup.

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FAVORI Scents are available at Robinson’s Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM City Marikina, SM Southmall and Market! Market!

With a dream to provide the local market with quality and long-lasting ambient scents for various living spaces at affordable prices, FAVORI – a handcrafted home fragrances brand that enables anyone to “create their favorite feeling” – offers topnotch aromatic products designed to uplift the ambience and improve the mood of people wherever a FAVORI product is present.
FAVORI Scents is designed to be enjoyed at home, at work, or at any business space, and offers aromas that will excite every note in a person’s olfactory spectrum. Aside from FAVORI’s soothing Aroma Oils, Reed Diffusers, Soy Aroma Candles and Aroma Pouches, FAVORI also has a Wellness line – by way of Air Sprays, Salves, and Massage Oils – geared to improve a person’s mindset and create a positive feeling towards well-being.
FAVORI Scents. Handcrafted with Passion. Scents for the Soul. Aromas for Living Well.

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  1. MukhAng mababango lahat Ms. Rochelle 😍 perfect for this summer.

  2. I love their new scents...mahilig po diyan sister ko and ako tlga I admit I don't know where to use that hehe.. they're worth recommended for!


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