Miss Philippines Earth 2017 Candidates: Fitness and Beauty Goals #mySlimxMsEarth

Filipinos are undeniably the best beauty pageant fans. I am. And some of us may even be obsessed with getting that pageant-worthy bod. Some would make beauty queens, models and celebrities their “fitspiration”. I do. But it’s not as simple as we think it is. We know, see or hear of news when weight loss can be unsafe. If you’re sole target is to lose some weight without discipline and proper diet plan, then it’s not being fit.
From left to right: Jessica Rose McEwen (New Zealand), Anne Krishia Antonio (Porac, Pampanga), Samantha Viktoria Acosta (Pulilan, Bulacan), Sadrine Stoelzaed (Puerto Princesa City), Vida Nutriscience Vice President and Managing Director Jhun Tizon, Erick Amigos of Vida Nutriscience, Lea Audrey Laano (TAYABAS City), Marie Sherry Ann Tormes (Mandaluyong City), Karen Ibasco (City of Manila),  Klaidel Hope Concepcion (Marikina City), Catherine Tabaniag (Panglao, Bohol), Danna Rose Sacaoco (Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental)

Getting slim can be healthy. This is the right path to take. mySlim and Miss Earth proves that our beauty and fitness goals are achievable. Together, they hosted an event for the media to show that mySlim and Miss Philippines Earth have much in common. Miss Earth’s banner “beauty with purpose” is parallel to mySlim’s aim to promote responsible weight administration.

I have met some of the early favorites in this year’s Miss Philippines Earth. And, girl, they are sooo beautiful and in fine fettle! They can be both ambassadors of our environment raising awareness, and our physique refining the definition of slim. Their ways of preparation for the pageant are truly amazing because they are not simply after weight loss. They do it with the right exercise and diet to maintain energy and strength for their daily tasks. And it made me realize that this applies to all of us, beauty queens or not.

Slimming, although it helps us look beautiful, can be achieved with purpose. Good health makes us even more beautiful. The makers of mySlim believe that we can achieve our optimum slim figure with healthy lifestyle choice and regular exercise. Nowadays, shortcuts are very popular; they are almost becoming a trend. Worse part is some would think that these are the right way to do get slim only because they’re the fastest route. mySlim wants us to make the adjustments in our diet and exercise to create a slim and healthier versions of our ourselves. The scientifically proven formula is a potent mix of Yerba Mate and L-Carnitine. Yerba mate is a natural slimming agent that promotes faster fat burning, and L -Carnitine is a metabolic booster that helps physical performance allowing you to maximize the benefits of exercise.

I love how mySlim helps those who help themselves. Remember, the right combination should be mySlim, eat right, and then exercise regularly. Soon enough, you’ll reach your beauty and fitness goals. Like what Miss Earth teaches us, sustainable management and discipline must start from within. If we know how to take good care of our body, we will be able to look out for our environment, too.

#MissPhilippinesEarth2017 City of Manila Karen Ibasco

Catch the Miss Philippines Earth 2017 Grand Coronation Night on July 15, 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City. 
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