Look and Feel Young with Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink

Aging is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean we can no longer feel good about ourselves anymore when this happens. To stay youthful from the inside out, there are a lot of practices and habits that we can do and maintain. To stay fit and fab, I exercise and keep a healthy diet. On top of that, to help me improve my immune system and sustain my energy despite my busy schedule as a mom, I also take vitamins and supplements. However, having the youthful glow and vigor is equally important because it doesn’t simply mean looking young. More so, it means preserving strength from within and reducing body degeneration. I wouldn’t be able to achieve all of that without getting some aid. 

When I first heard about Collagen, I thought it was something artificial and that it could be hazard. I got curious, so I did a little research about it. I was surprised! Collagen is actually part of our body. It makes up one-third of the protein in our body, and it acts as supporting structures and anchor cells to each other. Here’s more, collagen serves as protective covering for delicate organs in the body, such as the kidneys. However, as we get older, we get exposed to factors in our surrounding – smoking, UV light, etc. These make our body produce less collagen. The result? Wrinkles form, joint cartilage weakens, we lose our natural vivacity. 

Before it’s too late, I recommend Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink. I have been drinking this for the last couple of months, and I can really testify to its great benefits! My days can be very toxic, but I don’t have to worry anymore about my cells wearing out from the inside, because a daily dose of Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink helps my body produce more collagen. And what a better way to attain a beautiful and radiant look than starting from within. This is just what I need. 

Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink has Verisol, a German-engineered collagen. It is broken down into small molecules, which make it easily absorbed by the body. I love that it comes in powdered drink form as it is easy to prepare, and carry along with me wherever I go. A splash of mixed berries after a long day is a perfect treat! 

Here’s what I can get in one glass: 
• Improves skin elasticity, smoothness and moisturization in helping my skin look youthful, beautiful and healthy with 8 weeks of continued use along with proper diet and exercise. 
• Reduces skin wrinkles and age spots
• Younger, brighter and pinkish skin 
• Increase skin firmness 

I intend to continue drinking Gloww Collagen to achieve improved skin elasticity, moisture and wrinkle reduction. Cheers to that! 

Again, we age. That’s a given. As we always say, it’s just a number, right? Yes, because it is possible to stay young and feel youthful inside out. #CaptivatinglyGlowwing

Start now. Get your daily dose of Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink from all Mercury Drug Store and Watsons nationwide for Php 90 per sachet or Php 2,700 per box (30 sachets). 

You can also purchase Gloww Collagen at Lazada

Suggested intake is one sachet a day for optimum results. Visible results can be seen in as early as 8 weeks. 

It is safe and approved food supplement by FDA Philippines. 

For more information, Like @GlowwCollagen on Facebook. 

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