Joining Promil I-shine Talent Camp 7

I have always been a fan of music and I love watching dance performances. So when I was younger, I used to hope for my son or daughter in the future, to love dancing. It’s actually a more personal thing and I know it’s something I can’t have control over. But now that I have my own family, I get to inspire my children to be who they want to be. I disregarded my wishes before, because I want my children to just be who they really are and not force what I want for them. I want them to grow in their own ways with supervision coming from me, instilling to them good morals. 
Dance Party 

Surprisingly, God must have given me too much favors that I discovered my youngest son, Elijah, has a great passion for dancing. It was only until his last birthday that I discovered he dances gracefully because he requested for us to host a dance party for him. I saw how happy he was with the event and I got to enjoy our time together watching him move and groove to the music. 

With this, I decided to help my son grow and develop his skills by enrolling him at Promil I-Shine Talent Camp 7. The camp features a lot of different fields mainly: dance class, music class, theatre class, art class, and theatre class, all of which are spearheaded by notable persons in those field. I enrolled Elijah at the camp of Teacher Georcelle, G-Force Dance class for kids 9 to 11 years old hoping he learns how to work with other kids as they dance their hearts out. Discipline is also one thing to note when learning dance because you have to be cautious about the steps you make so as to avoid accidents, therefore I look forward for my child to be wary of these simple things.

I believe this is one great platform and a great push for my son to develop and nurture his skills so later on, he can carry out what he learned from this camp. As a mother, I play a very vital role in keeping my child contented and happy so I make sure to always give them the best out of everything. I really hope my son gets to enjoy the camp while he learns and be able to pursue what he really wants. 

Mommies, Daddies, and kids! See you all at the Promil I-Shine Talent Camp 7. Make sure not to miss this great opportunity for your child to enjoy while learning, this summer.

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  1. Ganda nito lalo n ngyong bakasyon gusto ko po talaga para sa kanila music and arts camp para maboost ang confidence nila 😍


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