What it really feels like to live in Manila

Manila is one of the most densely populated cities in the country. It is considered as a global city due to Manila’s commercial businesses and networks being one of the first cities to traverse the whole Asia making it a chain for trades around the world. It has been a pathway for ships and a resting place for travelers around the globe that promotes their culture and exchange products making it a great location for commerce and trade to flourish on, especially in the past.

It has been damaged by various wars and was rebuilt all throughout its existence. A lot of countries also conquered ruling over Philippines that Manila conformed to the architectural designs of different countries. Aesthetics were greatly enhanced and adapted by our culture that we build roads, bridges, buildings, and houses that patterned their designs. Some parts are built Spanish-like with grandeur columns and pedestals while some are built with elegant staircases and colorful arch coming from the influence of the Asian community. 

One of the most visited places here in Manila is Binondo, often referred to as the business capital at the time, before housing little towns and narrow sidewalks. Specifically near the shorelines of Pasig River therefore making it perfect for travelling by boat, trade and commerce possibly routed through and from Binondo. 

If you’re planning to stage a visit at Binondo which is the Chinatown of Manila, might as well drop by at Divisoria where Megaworld just recently, opened Hotel Lucky Chinatown

Newest from their 7 hotel developments from the past years, it holds 93 rooms and suites ranging from different sizes and value from Standard Queen, Standard Twin, Junior Suite, and Executive Suite. Very much perfect for couples, family or tourists who want to relax and have fun at the vicinity of one of the most majestic places in Manila! PLUS!!! 

The Hotel Lucky Chinatown is connected to the Lucky Chinatown Mall via footbridge, making it very accessible for visitors to shop ‘til they drop then relax and relieve their tired feet afterwards.
Cafe de Chinatown
Hotel Lucky Chinatown Zabana Bar
Hotel Lucky Chinatown Sauna
Hotel Lucky Chinatown Spa
Hotel Lucky Chinatown Fitness Center

The Hotel Lucky Chinatown houses a Zabana Bar, Sauna and Spa, and Fitness Center which is already open for guests and visitors who likes to enjoy the leisure of the hotel. It also features a Grand Ballroom that can accommodate up to 350 guests. It can be divided into 3 smaller portions which are named after famous streets in Manila during 1900s. It also has an all-day dining restaurant where you can enjoy and satisfy your cravings; Café de Chinatown, which is managed by the Raintree Group of Companies.

The hotel rooms offer various necessities which are all featured on 5-star hotels around the world, classy and stylish in my opinion; especially since I favor taking a dip on a bath tub at the end of the day to relax my mind and body. Fresh towels are also a plus because I’m meticulous about the towels I use whenever I’m out for vacation. I knew right there and then that their utmost service extends on keeping their rooms hygienic and guests happy. It is one of the many things I always note for when I book hotels for staycation or work. I must say I’m really impressed and happy to be able to visit the Hotel Lucky Chinatown.

Must try food trips and walkathons around the hotel + Places that will leave you in awe

Hotel Lucky Chinatown is located at the heart of Manila, the country’s center for economic, political, social, and cultural activity. Westerners and Asians developed the place by their influence in culture and the arts when they migrated from their country to the Philippines. Being the seat of power, it is home to many tourist destinations and wonderful sceneries you’d get to enjoy that will simply attract you and will give you the best memories when you stroll along the city. Historic and cultural sites such as the Walled City of Intramuros, National Museum of the Philippines, Chinatown, and Luneta Park are all great attractions you should try to visit!!

Here are the top destinations you should consider visiting and the side trips I suggest you do when you stay at Hotel Lucky Chinatown:


Home to the monument of the Philippines’ National Hero, José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda or simply known as Jose Rizal. One of the top destinations you should consider visiting. It’s a breath of fresh air from the city’s busy streets. Stroll along the park and throwback to the time where our National Hero fought hard for his love for our country.


Fall in love with the architectural designs of the structures built at Escolta. Be mesmerized by how a developed city, Manila, still holds a piece of history and how the management preserves Escolta.


You can never go wrong when you try Chinese delicacies and meals being offered at Binondo. They hold a lot of restaurants which offers authentic Chinese food. Binondo must try tip food will always be Siopao which you can surely see once you walk around!


Go back and revisit the Philippines’ history by exploring the 3 buildings open for viewing by the National Museum. It houses a gallery for arts and cultural representation of different Filipino ethnic groups which greatly depicts life before. From clothing to kitchenware, you will surely learn more about Filipinos. They recently opened the National Museum of Natural History where you can see the famous Tree of Life! MUST VISIT!


While China has its own Great Wall, here in the Philippines we have Intramuros. A walled city inside Manila which was built to defend the most influential and wealthy residents back then when the Spaniards colonized the Philippines. Since the Spaniards introduced Christianity to the Philippines, a lot of churches were built inside Intramuros which you can still visit now like the Manila Cathedral or the San Agustin Church. You can also visit Fort Santiago where you can see dungeons and pits used as prisons for Filipino rebels caught at the Spaniards’ regime.


Attend daily mass at Quiapo Church, one of the most famous churches in the Philippines where the Black Nazarene is kept. This is where a lot of Filipinos come together with the silence of their hearts to humbly pray to our Almighty God to aid them in their distress. You can also buy various Filipino delicacies and pasalubong which you can give to your loved ones when you get back to your place. 
Hotel Lucky Chinatown Grand Launch

Enjoy your trip at the Hotel Lucky Chinatown together with these side trips I recommend! You will surely have a great time when you visit these places, plus get the time to relax and free your mind by staying at the hotel. I guarantee that you will have the time of your life and will come back fresh and regenerated like you took a lifetime of stress free life! Enjoy!

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