Cash in, cash out anywhere with GCash

When you’re a mom, you need to be ubiquitous, and to achieve that, you need a trusty mobile wallet app that lets you do things in a snap wherever, whenever you are. 

 As a mother who travels to the countryside often for work, I am highly dependent on my GCash app for anything that involves money. Whenever I am away from home, I use my GCash app to settle utility bills, transfer money to the bank and most importantly, send allowances to my children, who also have the app installed in their respective mobile phones for hassle-free transactions. 

Sending money from one GCash account to another is the easiest among the app’s innovative features. You just need to enter the mobile number of the recipient and the amount you want to send and that’s it—money is transferred real-time at the speed of a text message. 

This is why I chose this app for sending my children’s allowances whenever I’m out of town because it’s conveniently accessible. One less worry for a very busy mom like me. When they need physical cash, they easily cash out the money at the nearest remittance center or pawnshop. GCash has thousands of partner outlets! 

 We’re lucky that a Palawan Express outlet, one of GCash’s remittance partners, is just walking distance from our house. Palawan Express, one of the biggest payment and remittance centers in the country, accepts both cash-ins and cash-outs from GCash users. 

 Palawan Express has also been my go-to remittance center whenever I am in the countryside and my linked debit cards for some reason decline my cash-ins. When glitches like this happen, I just go to a Palawan Express outlet (they have multiple branches so it’s easy to spot one in the province) and cash in money to my and my children’s GCash accounts. Easy-peasy!

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  1. Pwd b aq mg payout kht walng gcash card kahit acc lng sa palawan


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