Is it necessary to vaccinate your children amidst the stay at home protocols?

Everyone knows I just gave birth to a wonderful daughter and I have been a full time mom since then. I've arranged so many things for her to experience this world in a much lighter note and appreciate the beauty this world has to offer. However, this has to wait since all my plans are altered to fit the new normal because of this global pandemic. This Covid-19 has ruined so many good things for us. But of course it has affected those belonging within the minimum wage bracket. Some, who lives day to day has not been able to provide fully for their families since opportunities have been peddled with and impeded by this pandemic. 

 This raises a topic whether our country is ready for these types of global decline due to viruses that can be prevented through exploring research and vaccination. Now as a mom who nurses my newborn, I've been keen on reading about vaccines and immunization because I want to make sure my child is safe and will be kept safe from future outbreaks or existing viruses. But can we go out and go to our physicians despite this pandemic, where no one is safe and you cannot see your enemy? Would it be good choice to walk in the streets unarmed with any protection against this Covid-19? Is it a wise decision to have your babies vaccinated despite the risk we all face? 

 I have so many questions in mind, that's why I had to make sure all my questions will be answered from the point of view of a doctor. I really took time to attend "Kapihan sa Manila Bay" which is an online discussion that tackled the government's immunization programs even during this community quarantine, as a way to ensure our children's safety from this pandemic and all other pandemics that may happen in the future. 

 House Committee on Health chair Rep. Angelina Tan reaffirmed her stand on mandatory immunization amidst this pandemic and upon hearing her sharing her thoughts about this current outbreak, I was relieved that it would be much safer to have our babies vaccinated so as to avoid future complications that may endanger their lives. 

 The initiative of the congress to further enhance vaccination nationwide is a good step in making sure our country will be ready for other pandemics that may rise after this one. Rep. Tan also highlighted the competitive bidding process when it comes providing unbiased support to only one brand, with thorough systematic process followed to avoid providing license to only one manufacturer. 

 The reinforcement done to Health Technology Assessment Center (HTAC) was also commendable since it should have been the right entity to review the procurement of vaccines. With its presence, we are sure that they will carefully examine the bidding process without bias and fairness. The vaccination programs was not halted, however it was given to a more precise entity to decide whether the bidding process was just and fair. HTAC will recommend if these programs would push through for the benefit of the masses. 

 DOH also asked HTAC to review the National Immunization Program (NIP), particularly the Pneumococcal Vaccination Program for children. I think it is efficient for us to add defense against these issues since Covid-19 relates to pneumonia deaths. 

 For Dr. Lulu Bravo which is an epidemiologist and professor at UP Manila, cost-effectiveness of vaccines should be looked at since both PCV 10 and PCV 13 were both found to be effective. WHO reiterates both vaccines are good, however the target now is to find out the better vaccine in terms of cost and economic impacts in the long run. Rep. Tan opened this discussion again with the need to introduce proper bidding process and an open and competitive bidding so the government can save from costs. 

 Congressman Adriano A. Ebcas together with other partylist representatives also proposed a house resolution which aims to encourage and support the endeavors of DOH to contain outbreaks and prevent future outbreaks that are preventable with vaccines. 

 Our country needs an open, fair, and competitive procurement of vaccines to provide for Filipino men who seek safety within our reach. The main task of the government this pandemic is to make sure that the people are safe from anything. More so, it is very important to take vaccines to avoid anything that may harm your child in the future. 

 Make sure to seek professional help so as not to endanger your children's lives. These are all the things I've picked up from the discussion and I'm glad I was able to put my hat on it because I gained so much knowledge and awareness through their talk. Please mommies, make time to educate yourselves by attending such talks that targets our children's safety. It is important to know these things for our children. Keep them safe always and have them vaccinated!

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