A Call To Patronize Our Own

I've always believed that our influence and voices should be used in something that might stir our people in the right direction. Speaking up for important and relevant causes is a great contribution to a better network, or a better environment. That is why I want to use my own channel to express my disappointment with counterfeit products that are being released in the market now, as they beam through this pandemic. 

Counterfeit products are those that have been using sub-standard materials or materials that have failed quality checking, and then exporting the products in the Philippines in a cheaper price and under an illegal market to which our country utilizes because of cheaper prices. Also take note that they are using this pandemic as a way to enter our markets, taking advantage of this situation so they can earn so much while giving us below grade products. 

Most of the counterfeit and substandard products that we've been seeing now are mostly China-made and have been manufactured in China. A lot of our personal protective equipments and products are imported also from the same country. It is with the same level of disgust that I'd like to tell everyone that patronizing such products will not only endanger your lives or the lives of your loved ones. It will also put a risk in the market as we have been accepting low grade goods from other countries and they are taking capital from us while they're leeching from our homes. It will only take a matter of time before they completely take over our lives and our health. 

Let's guarantee that we will only support products which have passed great quality checking and have been approved by FDA or any reigning bodies that are authorized by our government. It's high time we promote our own products because as I can see, a lot of Filipinos are also competent and dedicated in providing A grade face masks and face shield products to our fellowmen. 

This is a call to ban and prohibit fake China made products, especially personal protective equipments such as face masks and face shields as it will further harm us more than protect us. Support our local manufacturers and continue patronizing Filipino products that aim to establish a good reputation in our industry. May we all keep ourselves safe from the harms of fake products.

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  1. Yes let's support local products, no to fake China products. Mas de kalidad pa nga ang gawang atin kaysa sa mga gawang China.


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