Experience safe and efficient housing transactions with Singapore’s leading proptech platform, Ohmyhome


Skip the hassle and all the waste of time looking for properties to rent, buy, and sell. With the launch of one of the leading proptech platforms in Singapore that will now cater to all the Filipinos as they venture bigger advancements this year, Ohmyhome; Singapore’s biggest tech savy startup company aims to level up the whole real-estate experience of all Filipinos. 

Ohmy home was launched last 2016 in Singapore as the first one-stop online property platform. It is projected to serve people eyeing to make housing transactions in a more convenient way- simple, fast, and affordable. Its founders and chief officers identified the problems with real-estate as lacking transparency and relevant information. Also involving high cost and lengthy of time to push through with a single transaction. The problem we face halts the whole process and makes it harder for us to go through. Therefore, their views in improving the real-estate system and enhancing the transaction journey is a great introduction to such countries as ours, because it will not only help our people, but might also skyrocket the Philippine scenes all over the world; welcoming investors and tourists.
Race and Rhonda Wong, the Alpha behind Ohmyhome

As in Singapore and Malaysia, Ohmyhome will provide a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) option that will give Filipinos a chance to simplify our home transaction processes. They can browse genuine listings that are free of dummy or duplicate accounts, saving us time in searching for the right property. Ohmyhome expands the platforms’ ease of usage in terms of access with properties and the whole process from the start to finish. They also offer in-house property agents at a cost-friendly price. 

They are committed to providing a seamless end-to-end housing transaction that will make everything easier for us Filipino customers. And in the context of the global pandemic, safe—a critical factor amid the Philippine government’s ongoing concern for health protocols.” 

Ohmyhome could have chosen a better timing to strengthen their strategy and branding, but knowing that it could help our country at this every moment, they allocated this time to be of utmost support to use in terms of property requisition and real-estate. Ohmyhome can provide an easy, quick, and efficient end-to-end solution for it all. 

If you want to know more about Ohmyhome and how they navigate through the market, please visit: https://ohmyhome.com/en-ph for more information.

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