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Growing up, I remember watching my mother with couple of her friends sitting on our dining room, setting up their big pocket mirrors and make up stashes with beautiful pencils and brushes drawing on their faces.  I kept thinking, I can’t wait to grow up and have my hands run over through everything they have. I grew up adoring beautiful faces treated as canvass and their whole faces were their art. 

When it was finally my time to learn all the tricks, I realized it can’t be just that. I had to do something more to be able to bring out a different type of look or the freshness that I’d want to show to others. That’s when I became interested with watching beauty vlogs and pageantries. I’ve always loved Miss Universe. It has been a staple tradition for me to religiously watch it every year and hope we snatch the crown each time. The candidates were all the most beautiful faces that I’ve seen in my lifetime and I’ve been so curious of what have they been doing to achieve the level of beauty they have. What are their beauty secrets? Their rituals and things they do to achieve their glowing, radiant, and beautiful looks? 

Soon enough, all my questions and curiosity have been answered as I had a little sneak peak on the skincare brand behind the candidates of Miss Universe Pageant (2019). The person and brand behind the luxurious women that we’ve watched on the pageant is none other than Ms. Olivia Quido and O Skin Med Spa. It has been recognized and welcomed as the skincare label of the Miss Universe and Miss USA Pageants. It is also the skincare clinic of two of our beloved Queens, Catriona Grey and Pia Wurtzbach.

O Skin Med Spa is located at the heart of Los Angeles, California where they offer numerous skincare services and products as well as home essentials where you can take home their luxury products and do it at home regularly to feel good about yourself. 

Currently, in the Phillipines you can buy O Skin Med Spa’s products through Ms. Olivia Quido’s sister- Ms. Sheila Quido, the only official distributor in our country at the moment. I’m sure they will expand and import products soon so stay tuned for that! No physical stores are featured at the moment, but if you’re interested, you can view their all their products at their official website https://www.oskinph.com

What paved way to the rise of O Skin Med Spa:

Ms. Olivia Quido was like all other hopefuls who migrated to another country. She had a dream and goals that she wanted to achieve however instances didn’t favor her. She was a simple student struggling to apply for nursing schools but opportunities are limited before and she had been rejected countless of times. After so many rejections, she decided to opt for her real passion which is focusing on beauty. Several years after all her hardwork, she became a license aesthetician. And from a small space last 2007, O Skin Med Spa was born in an entirely bigger set up on 2012!

Despite the struggles she’s facing now because of the lockdowns due to the pandemic and her shop temporarily closing, she managed to go on and continue giving beauty remedies to people all over the world by conducting zoom meetings, live sessions, and one on one advising where her utmost care and passion to catering to her clients were extremely felt. From the virtual meetings, comes the idea to prepare home products where her clients could use even at home- delivered straight to your doorsteps with ease. Have a look at how glowing and radiant Ms. Olivia’s skin in her pictures and see why people are talking about her!

What were Miss Olivia Quido’s steps to success:

I have been a fan of her since I found out her skincare brand. But upon getting to know all her life principles as well, I became more invested and in love. One thing that I noted most of all the things she told us was that you have to put your faith on the right persona, and that would only mean to put your faith in the Lord. She shared how all the blessings that she’s been receiving is a blessing from the Lord where she gets all her strength from. She also noted that when you give back to others who needs help, you gain more and more.

When also asked how she handles competitor, she shared how you should not be concerned of them especially if you love what you’re doing and you’re passionate about it. You should always focus on your own business and stray away from comparing your version of success with others.

Must try skin products from O Skin Med Spa:

One of Forbes August 2020 feature is none other than their best-selling product, Secret Gold 24K Mask. Imagine being featured in one of the biggest magazines in the entire world, that’s how famous and really outstanding their products are. Secret Gold 24K Mask had been notable to the public because of its visible glow effect even just after 1 time of use. Lightweight and can be used either day or night, the cream is infused with 24 karat gold powder which is believed to help the skin become more radiant and supple.

For us here in the Philippines, I would say Blemish Eraser would be our best bet because it is a cream encapsulated with Vitamins A and C that will activate upon production of melatonin. This is Ms. Olivia’s recommendation for people who experiences “Maskne” because of excessive usage of mask at work. She also shared to us her tips on what types of mask to use such as silk ones that are more comfortable but at the same time still efficient to fight off the virus. Blemish eraser might also be a best choice for pimples that came up a day before the party which is very annoying. This will come in handy for everyone.

O Skin Med Spa also offers different skincare sets like Daily Essentials Kit, Beauty Queen Kit, The Secret Collection, The Ultimate Glow Collection, and Acne Basic or Complete Collection. They also offer these products separately so if you’re interested in finding out what’s best for your skin you can do that as well. O Skin Med Spa caters to both men and women so be sure to check them out soonest and drop by if you have the means, or visit their official website to check out their products and be on the road to becoming pimple-free, fair skin like our Miss Universe! 

I learned a lot from just having a small glimpse of what it’s been like for Miss Olivia Quido to build an entire empire despite all her challenges. When asked what’s the best top 3 products we should always have, she emphasized cleanser, moisturized, and sunblock! Be sure to always be updated with O Skin Med Spa’s updates on their official channels to know more about the brand and what products to use on your skin! Let’s be more invested in self-love and achieve better skin with the help of O Skin Med Spa’s products! 

Check out their social media accounts below:

US Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oskinmedspa
PH Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oskincarephilippines/
US Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oskinmedspa_usa/
PH Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oskincareph/

Visit their website at https://www.oskinph.com

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