REPAIR HAIR DAMAGE with Herbal Essences! Get up to 25% off on Shopee now! #PlantPowerInEveryShower

Herbal Essences has reinvented its haircare range with a range of new shampoo and conditioner duos to suit all hair types. The new formulas use fragrances and ingredients in uniquie combinations to deliver luscious hair. Suitable for daily use, Herbal Essences creates an enjoyable experience with fabulous haircare benefits.

After washing my hair with the shampoo then leave on the conditioner for about 3 minutes. It leaves my hair feeling super soft and less frizzy. The scent is sweet and not overpowering, the conditioner is really hydrating and washes off easily, without leaving any residue or build-up.  

Repair Hair Damage with Herbal Essences bio: renew Argan Oil of Morocco. It has Argan oil that helps hydrate and soften hair, increasing its elasticity and bringing it back to life. 

Herbal Essences bio:renew Argan oil moisturizes for smooth, beautiful hair. It's color-safe and pH-balanced, with notes of fizzy citrus, exotic spices, and creamy vanilla for long-lasting hydration and freshness. Endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: a leading expert in plant science. Making it FREE from Silicone, Gluten, Colorants, and Paraben

If we all do our part to make ourselves a little bit greener, then we can reduce the issues our planet is facing. By switching to these eco-friendly products you can make today to do your part. 

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