A Yummy and Healthy Surprise in Every Pouch

 It is never too early to get kids into the healthy lifestyle. A cool and kid-friendly way to do that is

by introducing them to Fruit Me Up, a healthy, fruity, and filling treat that your kids are sure to

love. Fruit Me Up is 100% pure blended fruit, and ticks off every important “No” in any parent’s



      No preservatives

      No added sugar

      No coloring

      No flavoring


Fruit Me Up is contained in a sanitary aluminum pouch with a convenient anti-skid cap, which

means kids can take it anywhere, and eat it at any time or even when on the go. What’s more,

each pouch packs a mean punch when it comes to flavor. You and your kids can even choose

from four different fruit flavor combinations:


1. Apple Banana – This naturally sweet blend combines two fruits kids around the world

love the most.

2. Mango Banana Passion – This mix brings together the flavors of three different

fruits—mango, banana, and passion – for that sweet and tangy taste that kids are sure

to like.

3. Strawberry Pink Guava – This combination is a unique blend of strawberry—an all-time

kids’ favorite—and pink guava that is grown in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. The taste

is uniquely original, and would likely be one of your kid’s favorites.

4. Soursop Apple – This combination mixes together the natural sweetness of apple and

the delicate sourness of soursop. The result is a taste that is sure to tickle the kids’ taste



Fruit Me Up, however, is more than just a tasty treat. It is also a healthy snack. The Apple

Banana combo, for instance, is full of fiber and potassium thanks to the bananas. It is also rich

in vitamin C from the apples. Likewise, the Soursop Apple mix is high in vitamin C and fiber, too,


as apples and soursop are popular sources of both nutrients.


The Mango Banana Passion blend, on the other hand, is an excellent source of vitamin C and

antioxidants that are guaranteed to boost your kids’ immune system. The Strawberry Pink

Guava combo, meanwhile, is full of antioxidants as well, and will help improve your kids’

eyesight and enhance their memory. This flavor is also rich in potassium, which ensures

optimum cardiovascular health for your young ones.


The perfect time to nudge your kid into being health conscious is now, and you can count on

Fruit Me Up to help you. With four different yet equally tasty and healthy flavors in a portable,

kid-friendly pouch, Fruit Me Up is the treat that your kid will love to eat.


Fruit Me Up is distributed in the Philippines by Dygen Food Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of Dyna Drug Corporation and available at goodwill.market/.

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