Celebrate With Cindys Bakery and Restaurant On Their 50th Year!


There’s something beautiful when reminiscing about moments we share with our loved ones. Cindys knows this very well and has strived to be part of these moments, offering baked treats that help make these moments memorable and heartwarming. 


Before growing into one of the Filipinos’ beloved food companies, Cindys, a well-known Filipino brand, began its roots in a humble neighborhood bakery & restaurant in Tarlac City in 1972. Their range of fluffy, warm bread and cakes, as well as well-loved fast food dishes, have been the community’s choice when selecting what they would like to have for breakfast, merienda, celebrations and other occasions. 


Cindys won the hearts and taste buds of a larger community as it transformed into a full restaurant where they offered their best-selling chicken barbeque and palabok. Their line “The Place to Be” etched an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of every Filipino. 


Cindys eventually expanded to the rest of Luzon with their bakery products, charming Filipinos with a fresh and delicious range of quality breads, cakes, pastries, and other ready-to-eat food products. 


Cindys’ range of cake products are the perfect cakes for celebrations. At the same time, the typical Pinoy favorites such as the pandesal, Pan de Espana, Pan de Coco, loaf breads, and ensaymadas are perfect for big and small moments with friends and family. Indeed, whether it’s a big or small occasion, Cindys is sure to turn wonderful and enriching food experiences into great moments they will cherish forever. 


In its 50th year, Cindys has established its heritage as a bakery that offers heartwarming and delicious food to Filipinos. It continues to emphasize what made them stand out in the first place: high-quality, affordable baked treats that warm the hearts and tummies of every Filipino, as they celebrate different moments in their lives.


Through the years, Cindys has opened 65 branches and 130 dealers across many provinces and major cities in Luzon. And as Cindys goes into their next 50 years, they are committed to expand with more branches in Luzon, Metro Manila and other parts of the country, bringing with them the kind of products that we have all come to love!


For more information about Cindys, go to https://www.cindysbakery.com/ or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CindysBakeryRestaurant



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