Trust the expert and #StayAheadOfHairLoss when you buy the L'Oreal Professionel Serioxyl Denser at 20% off on Shopee!

Have you noticed hair loss after pregnancy? Postpartum hair loss happens to many women, and can be a source of anxiety and stress. 

I've experienced postpartum hair loss and incorporating thickening treatments into my haircare routine has helped me. 

The Serioxyl thinning hair care range, includes a selection of serums and leave-in sprays that help build up the hair’s density with every application – really supporting its return to volume.  

Using Serioxyl Denser Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair should be used daily for a minimum of three months, to leave your hair looking denser and feeling fuller.

Trust the expert and #StayAheadOfHairLoss when you buy the L'Oreal Professionel Serioxyl Denser at 20% off on Shopee!

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Backed with 25 years of research, the L'Oreal Professionel Serioxyl Denser is made of high quality ingredients that boosts hair growth in just six (6) weeks. 

This powerful serum is packed with Stemoxydine, a molecule that awakens dormant hair follacles and creates new hair with enhanced hair density and improved hair health.

Key ingredients that makes the Serioxly Desner your newest go-to hair serum:

1.) Stemoxydine 5% - The legendary molecule that awakens the dormant follicle to create new hair and increase hair growth up to 1,000 hair only six (6) weeks. 

2.) Resveratrol - Strengthens the effects of Stemoxydine on the scalp for faster performance with its high antioxidant action.

How to apply and achieve best results:

1.) Cleanse your hair and massage evenly to wet hair and scalp, then rinse afterwards.

2.) Towel dry your roots and treat your hair by applying four (4) pipettes to cover the whole scalp. Leave it to dry or until the formula has been fully absorbed.

Get professional hair care chosen by hair experts and enjoy a Shopee-exclusive 20% discount on select L'Oreal products. 

 #StayAheadOfHairLoss #PushThePro

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