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As you may have read from my previous post and, perhaps, other sources, eczema is indeed a pain in the neck. Again, what you need to watch out for include usual rashes and something that looks like an allergic reaction. Don’t take these symptoms for granted. Once observed, consult a pediatrician or a dermatologist right away. Before things get worse.

I hate it whenever I see my son suffer from eczema because the discomfort was really obvious. He would complain about how itchy his skin was, he’d scratch his legs until it was awful red, then after a few days his skin would become scaly and dry. It kept coming back, so I thought to myself this has to stop.

Eczema can appear anywhere on the body. And its effects could be far more than the physical. I’ve seen how my son got sleepless nights. He couldn’t focus while he’s studying or playing due to irritation. I was really scared that it would affect his personal and social life as a whole. I was afraid that he might experience bullying, teasing and name-calling at school or when he’s with other kids. These effects got me extra worried because, more than the flaw on his skin, his self-confidence would be tainted in the long run, his self-worth will deteriorate.

During these dark times, Mometasone Furoate (Elica) is one of the best things that happened to me and my son. It helped us cope with eczema better than any other cream or ointment we have ever tried. Elica is mild enough to be used on kids but is so effective! I can see the results within 24 hours!

So, from the itchiness, swelling and inflammation, to dryness of the skin, Elica is the answer. Again, to prevent flare ups, let me just go over the other steps that I have been doing:
• I make sure that my son’s fingernails are kept short and clean.
• I always remind them to avoid heat and sweating, and to get a cold instead of hot bath.
• Perfumes, air fresheners and harsh detergents are a “NO”.  Also, I only choose soft and natural fabrics and not synthetic materials for his things.
• If at all possible, I ensure that the affected parts are covered, and I do my best to distract him whenever it starts getting itchy.

Moms, I guarantee that Elica is really effective. It is available in cream and ointment form, both can be purchased over-the-counter.

It has improved my Elijah’s situation, and I need not to worry when he gets the attacks from time to time. 

For more information, click this link www.treateczema.ph.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor or dermatologist. Use with caution in children and pregnant women.

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  1. How much po siya Ms. Rochelle? Kawawa nga ang bata kapag may itchiness, hindi sila mapakali. Dahil na din kasi sa warm weather, hindi maiiwasan magkaroon din ng rashes. I wanna use Eczema for my son and niece.

  2. Thanks for this info Ms. Rochelle, you helped me a lot talaga... Nararanasan din ng anak ko to... Ngayon ko lang nalaman ang Elica... Now I know what to apply sa kanya. ;)

  3. Truly recommended po tlga yan...yan din po ginagamit ng kapatid ko sa anak niya po, nawawala kati, di pa nakakadry..mabilis po epekto niyan and its safe naman tlga gamitin.

  4. Miss Rochelle, pwede ba to sa infant? Kasi I noticed din sa baby ko eh yung pabalik-balik na rashes lalo malapit sa butt area, don't know if it's because of his diaper. I am using other brand of diaper rash cream and ok naman yung effect after putting on, pero syempre bumabalik yung rashes. Di naman siguro sya eczema kasi di naman scaly yung skin ng baby ko. I'll try to find out na rin yung answers sa questions ko and I'll do a research na rin.

  5. Recommended. Mom like me Trust Elica.
    Ms Rochelle, Thanks for the very informative blog..😊


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