Happy Cows Produce Creamy Jolly Cow Fresh Milk!

Apart from Jolly Cow Fresh Milk's creaminess and full-bodied texture, the best part about it is its free-range quality. 

Besides being a fresh milk, also a full cream, its treasure trove of calcium, vitamins, and minerals has made it more special with its intrinsic flavor that comes from the finest breed of free-range cattle of Europe, which means Cows are allowed to graze freely and feed on natural grass instead of processed feeds in a clean and cozy environment with drinking water fit for humans.

In addition, the cooperative farmers know their cows by name and ensure they only undergo a milking process that doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable to guarantee that all Jolly Cow milks will only come from “happy cows”. Since these cows are grown and milked in the Northern side of the world, where wider and well-heeled grasslands are in abundance, consumers are assured that the cows are naturally fed.  This ensures that customers will enjoy a tastier, healthier, and creamylicious milk in every Jolly Cow pack.

To maintain Jolly Cow Fresh Milk’s freshness and nutritional value, the extracted milk undergoes ultra-high temperature (UHT) process, which passed high quality control standards of Europe, ensuring all consumers get a high quality product. The unique UHT process, which wards off any possible harmful microorganism prior to wrapping and shipping also, extends shell life so the taste and quality remains consistent.  

Because “happy cows are healthy cows’, all packs of Jolly Cow Fresh Milk offers the best value for-money with top notch taste and health benefits. So if you’re looking for an affordable and creamylicious calcium source, you won’t find anything resembling to Jolly Cow Fresh Milk— pure, fresh, natural and definitely comes from happy cows. 

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  1. wow fresh milk from jolly cow. I waant to try this. Im sure na masarap to. :)

  2. I am more of a coffee-lover. Pero minsan, parang I wanna try din uminom ng milk everyday especially nowadays na nagpapabreastfeed ako. I won't say na tatry ko for sure etong Jolly Cow, I have to convince myself more pa siguro na iwithdraw yung coffee addiction ko. Huhu. Mahirap pero I am willing to give it a shot. Manamis-namis kaya tong Jolly Cow? 😊

  3. Natikman ko na po yan! tlgang fresh milk po siya! I prefer that rather sa iba kasi alam ko e yung natikman ko po, malinamnam and di nakakauhaw na milk yan. May iba po kasing milk na kapag iinumin mo, yung nauuhaw ka tuloy dahil sa sobrang pagkamilky...ganun po..ipapabaon ko rin po yan sa anak ko! Fresh Milk it is! Talagang wild-free pa mga Cows na pinanggalingan niyan ah! WOW! great review Madam!

  4. Gustong-gusto ng anak ko to... hindi raw matabang at hindi naman masyado matamis... She's already 11 years old, medyo nagdadalaga na... hindi ko na mauto sa mga kakainin at iinumin nya...

  5. I am curious if I can use them when I am baking but will give it a try. thanks you for sharing miss rochelle :)


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