Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe Singapore

I've been wanting to go to Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe ever since it opened. I knew from the start that it would be a dream come true to visit this place judging by the amount of love I have for Hello Kitty. And last October 24, 2016, I finally had the chance to make one of my dreams a reality. 
Watch my vlog on Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe Singapore. 
Right off the bat, you can see that the place is well built and has a very refreshing ambiance. 
The chairs and tables are arranged neatly and each of them has Hello Kitty embroidery on them. 

This is probably one of the most detailed menu I have ever seen in my life. It houses the description of every meal they offer in a wide array of adjectives. The photos of the food are pretty accurate too so no expectation will be cut short in terms of aesthetics. 
Besides the design of the place, I'm also pleased with how accommodating and nice their staffs are. Their manager even took my flatlays for me. Such a cool guy, right?
One of the things I missed out on its their frozen yoghurt. I was unable to try these yummy looking frozen treats. :( 
This picture actually contains my favorite thing on their menu. Can you guess what it is? It's their bottled water! It was only one Singaporean dollar and had a cute Hello Kitty label on it. If only I knew then how expensive bottled water is outside the airport, I would've purchased tons of this. I would've been hydrated and have cute Hello Kitty water bottles as souvenirs! (P.S. I kept the bottle I drank from and brought it back here in the Philippines.) 
I would get this but then again, I'll have to live with the fact that I devoured 10 Hello Kitty miniature figures. It just felt wrong at the time. 
CUPCAKES! Would it be strange if I got this and kept the cardboard design too? Don't think that I'm weird, I'm just really fangirling over this cute Hello Kitty! 
This is the flatlay that the manager took for us. Me and my sister spent the longest time positioning the plates but failed to get an instagrammable shot. Kudos to the guy for stepping in to save the day! 

This wasn't bad but it wasn't top notch either. I wasn't a big fan of their waffle syrup. It tasted weird and ruined the waffles. But the eggs were good. It was fluffy and complemented the mushrooms. 

I think this is the only meal that we finished. It tasted pretty decent and the crisscross fries were crunchy just how I like it! 
My cafe latte is kawaii just like me. If you don't agree just keep scrolling. :) 
Here is a chocnut-tasting ice cream and a pot of cake which tasted like dirt. No hate but the cake did not taste good. Maybe the reason why they put it in a pot is to correlate its taste. 
This is me nailing my "about to take a sip from my coffee" pose. 
Just a picture of the things I can’t afford. I was about to purchase the Hello Kitty doll in the middle but price just doesn’t add up. I thank God for knocking senses into my brain which saved me a week worth of groceries. 
With that, I took what I could which is… well, pictures. Below are the close-ups of the unreasonable priced souvenirs.

All in all, despite the rants, I had a great time at Hello Kitty Cafe. Though the food was not something you’ll gush over, the ambiance and design of the place kind of did it justice. I had a lot of fun taking photos and seeing all the creative ways they incorporated Hello Kitty.
We actually spent two hours in this place because I was trying real hard to vlog. Although, in most of my attempts we just ended up laughing, I was still able to produce a video out of this experience. Go check that out if you haven’t. It’s linked above. 
Final Verdict: For me, as a Hello Kitty fan, it was worth it. But for those of you who just wants to eat a decent meal, I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. 

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden
Address: Arrival Hall Central #01-22 Terminal 3 Singapore Changi Airport

Website: www.HelloKittyOrchidGarden.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HelloKittyCafeSingapore
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

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