Labelling personal items can be fast and easy with Brother’s Hello Kitty P-touch Electronic labeller!

If there's one thing I need to work on, it is being organized. Having blogging as a career where you have to review tons of product, I can't help but create a mess in the house. With the help of my three boys and my husband, you can just imagine how disastrous things can be. 
With New Year, comes another chance to make a better version of yourself. It is my goal this year to be as organize as I can be. And I believe that I can achieve this through the help of Brother's new product, the Hello Kitty Labeller. 

It is specially designed to organize CD, photo albums, books, miscellaneous items clearly and neatly for easy storage. Easy identification of stationeries.

If you want to include special characters, you won’t have to worry because there are wide variety of symbols. 

There are variety of stylish designs: 
♥ Built-in 34 Hello Kitty symbols and 22 Hello Kitty frames. 
♥ 12 Deco Mode designs
♥ 8 Letters, 6 numeric fonts
♥ Vertical and 2 lines printing
♥ Many clip-arts and symbols
♥ Variety of tape colours to choose from. 
You can use it with an AC adapter or six AAA batteries, the labeler uses Brother’s TZe print engine, which gives it a fast print speed of 20mm per second. It has been tested to last even in extreme temperatures. Brother TZe laminated tapes are durable and of high quality which are water, chemical, temperature fade and abrasion resistant. 
This is just too perfect for me! You guys know how much I love hello kitty, right? I get to have fun while doing something worthwhile. Hello Kitty merchandise is just something I can't resist!
With this labeller, I get to cluster the things I receive and put labels on them so I wouldn't have to go all through everything whenever I'm looking for something. 

Putting notes on the fridge or on anything for that matter, is now fun and easy.                                                   

I can even mark my events on my planner using this kawaii labeler. I was even able to make personalized labels for my family and friends. 

I can be careless at times so I'm also probably going put my name and address on all my things just in case I lose it. 
These are just some of the things I can do with the Brother's Hello Kitty Labeller. I'm sure I will find other things as the time goes on. 

Do you have any suggestions in mind? I'd love to hear from you, my lovely readers. 

Brother is always by my side. Go check out their website so they can also help you sort things out. They are best on what they do and won't disappoint you in anyway.

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  1. Brother tlga po ang first choice for this kind.. ganda nitong labeller Ms rochelle..

  2. Halaaaaa ang ganda netoooo Miss Rochelle! Talagang di maresist ag Hello Kitty items eh. :) I didn't know such item exists. Bagong tuklas ko na naman yan dito. Part of resolution ko din kasi yan eh, mag declutter ng mga gamit. Oh my, my room is such a mess. Hehe

  3. Wow! diyan pala galing yung label na name ko! super cute naman! Andaming features! super thank you po ulit sa mga gifts!

  4. Ung binigay nyo saken madam sa phone ko nilagay 😍 super cute 😍


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