Every day should be Valentine's Day, a day to celebrate the people in our lives with who we have chosen to share our heart.  

It's a beautiful gesture to buy someone a fresh bouquet, chocolates, stuffed toys and such on February 14, but's it's a more beautiful gesture to let someone know they are loved every day of the year. 

What better way to express your love by getting your family and friends special deals for this love month from S&R! 
This cute fruit neck support pillow provides the support your head and neck need whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go in the car, bus or on the plane. Great gift for their teachers. :) 

Bring a smile to your children with this lovely companion. 

How would your little one like a cuddly toy that is bigger than they are? This is a HUGE Teddy Bear  that measure 93inch tall- that's 7.75 feet tall and definitely bigger than my kids. 
You would surely want to get the three Tobleroneflavors of Dark, White and Milk Chocolate all-in-one! Grab away the bite-sized goodness of Toblerone Tinys Gift Box.
Who doesn't love Ferrero Rochers? Ferrero Rocher is a classic delicacy, and its timeless elegance makes it perfect for sharing and gifting. 

Share the love with Brown & Haley Roca Collection that comes in two flavors of Almond and Dark Buttercrunch Toffee! Give it to your special someone, and bring a smile to your loved one's face. 
Whether you are shopping for your father, a romantic partner, or some other important man in your life, these gifts will definitely blow him away. 


Send a sweet message with these Valentine's Day cookies. 
My kids want this trampoline. 
While I want this sofa and entertainment set

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  1. Ang sarap ng chocolates. Tama kapo Ms. Rochelle everyday is valentines day. Naku sigurado akong matutuwa ang mga kids ko ganyang kalaking teddy bear

  2. I got that big bear! I hinted at my hubby I wanted it for Valentines!! Its awesome!! We love it!

  3. Wow! ganda po dyan ah! andyan na rin lahat! I love those chocolates! bet ko rin po yung sala set ah..very neat!


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