My Mom taught me to #CreateLegacies

"We look alike. We act alike. We sound alike. We dress alike. My mother means the world to me. I literally start off my morning with a call from her. It’s my morning ritual. She would like and share everything that I post. She supports me in everything I do. She’s the kind of mother that would fight lions and tigers and bears for her children. She’s the kind of mother that would swim the deepest oceans and climb the high mountains for her children. My mom raised us without child support, without food stamps, and often without sleep. No one else could have raised me like she did, but at the helm of a ship, no one else would mistakenly fire on her own fleet during simple training exercises like my mom would. I believe that being a mother has been one of the hardest, as well as, one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had. After having my own children, I now have a fuller appreciation for all the wonderful things my own mother did for me. Everyone thinks their mom is the best, but mine truly is. Strong and determined. That's my mom. And I love her now more than ever. She taught me to #CreateLegacies to offer the world, and it's about creating something that others can find useful and valuable." 

Create a life beyond yourself. 
Create. Legacies.

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  1. Awww... you both really look amazing and syempre the results of pagpapalaki saiyo po ng Mom mo po is tlga namang kita sa magandang personality mo madam. You're amazing Women, very Independent and Strong, at napakaganda pa, marunong magmahal sa sarili. I adore you po. Kahit Single Mom ako, always there's a stress but kaya naman tlgang alagaan pa rin self eh kung tlgang yayakapin ko at tunay tlgang mamahalin ang sarili ko.


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