#FERNCkidz every mom’s partner in providing #KalidadNaAlaga to our kids

Say something about your experience as a mom.
Do you consider yourself as an ideal mom?
How much do you think your children love you?

I pondered and tried to pour my thoughts on these questions. Knowing the emotional me, I should have expected what was going to happen, and kept that box of tissue right next to me while writing this piece. 

Gosh! The video was tear-jerking it made my heart swell. I promise, you will feel for these moms, too. Being mothers, although we have different experiences, we share something really special and only we could understand – a mom’s unconditional love.

Being a mom is already challenging in its simplest form. Sometimes it feels like our roadmap has been predefined even before we gave birth to our firstborn. We carry our babies for almost nine months. Remember having your weirdest food cravings? We went through hours of painful labor on our D-day. The aftermath was even more painful. However, as we all know by now, motherhood does not end there. It was the beginning of all the wonderful things God has designed for us. Our children became our world, the center of our universe.

I honestly don’t know if I’m an ideal mom. What’s the definition of the “ideal mom” anyway? Will we ever come to realize it? I don’t think no other person can answer this question but our very own progenies. We just do the best that we can in order to fulfill our ultimate role as mothers. But only our children can tell if we are enough for them, if what we do are enough for them, if we are their ideal moms. The most genuine love is felt through the little actions that go a long way. They give us that.

And because they are our priority, we want to make sure they are protected by FERN-C kidz which has the same quality vitamin C used in FERN-C, the #1 Sodium Ascorbate brand in the country. FERN-C kidz is also formulated with Zinc which help build immunity. Unlike Ascorbic Acid, FERN-C kidz has non-acidic vitamin C and it has the Quali-C seal. Simply put, it was created with world-class quality. FERN-C is every mom’s partner in providing #KalidadNaAlaga to our kids.

It may be difficult, time-consuming, life-changing and everything in between; motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to me because of my sons. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about me.

Happy Mothers’ Day Supermoms!

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