Road Trip with Ford Explorer

They say that good shoes will take you to good places. I say, a nice car will bring you incredible experiences. I was fortunate to be able to test drive the 2016 Ford Explorer at the Farm at San Benito in Batangas. It was a 2.5-hour drive from Manila to Lipa. I recommend that you just use Waze on how to get there. 
I love driving and even more with the Ford Explorer. I had a smooth drive and really felt like a queen. It has a great fuel economy, a high-end interior, and stylish looks. I was very comfortable with this car that I did not want to let it go. 

Here are some of the features that I love about Ford Explorer: 
  • Ford offers a forward collision system with the extra benefit of a brake priming feature.

  • The safety and convenience features include front- and rearview cameras with wide-angle lenses, perpendicular and park-out assists semi-automatic parallel parking, and smart-charging USB ports.
  • Notification of close cars. When you’re going 70 miles down a highway, you can get lulled into not always checking your blind spots before merging or getting over to another lane. In the 2016 Ford Explorer, it signals you with a rather high-pitched noise to let you know you are too close to another car (or that car is too close to you). This is another helpful feature to use when parking too as it notifies you if you are too close to a wall or anything else.
  • Adaptive cruise control adds speed regulation and matching traffic patterns.
  • The Sync3 system and a Bluetooth
  • Drivers can find comfort with the power seat and tilt-telescopic steering wheel.
  • Keyless system 
  • Plenty of passenger space: three-row crossover with seating for up to seven passengers and in-front-or all wheel-drive configurations. This is perfect for my family.
  • The back row folds into the floor to increase the flat cargo hold.
  • The one touch power dual-panel sunroof/moonroof to enjoy the view. It feels good to have the wind in my hair, good music on, in a sleek, stylish vehicle.
  • Great fuel economy- The 2016 Ford Explorer has very impressive fuel economy. Ford says it gets up to 19 miles/galloon on city streets and up to 28 miles/gallon on highway driving. For an SUV, that's pretty impressive.

If road trip and cool cars are your thing, this is the vehicle for you. Explore great places with the entire family. Go for a test drive now at your nearest Ford dealer. 

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