Here’s an out-of-town baon you just might want this Holy Week

San Marino Tuna Paella Sushi
This Holy Week, my family and I are doing our traditional Visita Iglesia. On Lent, we go on pilgrimage to visit different churches near and farIt is my favorite part of Lent ever since I was a little kid. I want my kids to love going on Visita Iglesia too because I want them to feel closer to God the way I feel closer to God when I do this. That’s why I always say that on Lent, we remember the sacrifices Christ has done for us and in doing so, we offer some sacrifices ourselves.

Visita Iglesia is a spiritual activity I get to enjoy with my family but going to different churches can be tiring, especially for my high-energy kids! After visiting so many churches, we’re all usually so tired from all the walking and the driving that we end up eating an unsatisfying meal.

As a mom, I always make it a point to make a checklist of all the things my kids will need when we go out and one thing that’s always on top of my checklist is a baon that they can eat. My kids can never go on road trips without their baon! It gets harder though looking for food that they’ll like but won’t spoil easily. I want them to eat something healthy as well as delicious too!
Good thing there’s San Marino Tuna Paella that’s so easy to prepare especially for someone who has to plan the entire family trip! The best thing about this is San Marino Tuna Paella is already a complete meal that has protein, vegetables, and Spanish paella rice that can easily satisfy my kids’ cravings and hunger right after a day spent going to different churches. You can turn this into a different recipe as well.
For example, I make Tuna Paella Sushi using this. And it’s so fun and easy to make. 

You'll need a few essential tools for making sushi: 

  • Bamboo rolling mat (makisu)
  • Sharp knife

  • 1 can of San Marino Tuna Paella 
  • Nori sushi sheets
  • 1 cucumber, cut into thin spears
  • 1 carrots, cut into thin spears
  • 1 mango, cut into thin spears (you can also use avocado)
  • Lettuce
  • Imitation crabmeat 

1) Place the bamboo rolling mat on a cutting board so the bamboo strips are running horizontally to you.  Then place a sheet (or a half sheet) of nori. 

2) Spread a thin layer of San Marino Tuna Paella over the nori. Leaving a small space at the top edge of the nori so you can seal up the roll.
3) Add your ingredients toward the center of the San Marino Tuna Paella-covered nori. Don't overpack it. If you're making a roll with the rice on the outside, simply turn the nori over, placing it rice-side down on the rolling mat. Then add your ingredients to the top of the nori.
4) Gently lift the bottom of the mat up and over the sushi. Press and shape the ingredients into a tube. Roll with pressure so you get a firm roll.
5) Roll until just an inch of nori shows at the top. Seal the edge of the nori with a little cold water. Firm it up by squeezing the mat around the roll until it feels uniformly snug. Be careful not to squeeze so hard that the ingredients are smashed or come oozing out the sides. It's a fine line; with practice you'll get the feel of it.
6) Slice the sushi roll in half with a sharp knife on a cutting board. Then cut each half into thirds -- so you have 8 pieces of sushi. To get a nice clean cut, wet the knife with water each time you make a slice.

7) Line the slices of sushi up on platters or sushi plates. Enjoy!
San Marino Tuna Paella Sushi

It’s a great meal to share with the whole family! Now, I don’t have to worry about bringing baon for our outings. 

San Marino Tuna Paella comes in a 180 gram can! You can never have enough of it! So just in case my kids are extra hungry, I’ll bring one or two extra cans of San Marino Tuna Paella with our baon for Visita Iglesia.

If you want to know more about San Marino, you can check them out at

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  1. I love sushi but never tried tuna, yay! Thanks for this article Ms Rochelle, holyweek baon approved!

  2. Wow yummy! And healthy pa! Dali lang pala gawin kayang kaya!

  3. Wow! Ang bilis lang naman at ang healthy pa.
    Sa akin naman, my favorite thing to do during Holy Week is mag-walk around the island of Camiguin wherein every municipality na may Chapels and Church mag-stopover to offer a pray. Station of the Cross all over the Island.
    Tinatawag yan doon na Panaad at maraming tourists ang sumasali. Panaad means Pledge or Promise. Example: you pray to God na tulungan ka makapasa sa board exam and in return you will promise Him that you will walk around the island kapag natupad.
    Nakaka-miss talaga na experience yun! Done it twice and I want to do it again. Praying na sana makabalik kami ni hubby doon. ^_^

  4. Yay sarap 😉 mas gusto ko to sa sushi 🍣, 💚💚💚

  5. Wow ang sarap naman! San Marino lang + effort. 😋 yummy!

  6. That look so delecious. I wanna try with mango like you, I just afraid one thing that ripe mango maybe change flavour of this dish coz it is sweet?

  7. Thank you miss rochelle for sharing this recipe😋 perfect baon kapag maliligo sa beach

  8. wow masarap at kayang kaya lang ang steps will do this sosyalin pa dating :) para iwas napapanisan :)

  9. Recipe looks BOMB!

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