How I clean and organize my car?

Aside from my boys, I also care a lot about my car. I kind of treat is as my baby. But like caring for a toddler, taking care of a car can also get difficult. Luckily, Auto-Gard exists to save the day.

What I realized is that you don’t have to be a car expert to maintain your car at its best state. All you need is the right product and equipment!

From cleaning to organizing, Auto-Gard has my back. Their product is foolproof and topnotch. They make it with non-toxic and environmental friendly formula. It’s also priced affordably so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Let me show you the products I use to clean and organize my car.

Kobe Roller Shade – 399
Living in a tropical country can mean harsh sunlight! This roller shade literally saves the day by blocking intense UV rays that can potentially damage our skin. Additionally, it can be used as a privacy curtain whenever you change clothes inside your car or doesn’t want people lurking.
Red X Floor Style Cargo Net - 299.75
This helps a lot with groceries. I once came home with broken eggs on my trunk. But with these, I am assured that whatever it is in my trunk is safe and steady. It prevents cargo from moving, rolling, and spilling while driving. It’s made with elastic band that fits most vehicles’ rear trunks and really easy to use.
Auto-Gard Carpet and Upholstery - 199.75
This simultaneously cleans and protects your vehicle’s interiors. It uses a plant-based ingredient to wipe away dirt from your leather surfaces and to replace oils for a beautiful and natural shine. It also leaves a protective barrier that shall prevent damaging effects of the sun, time, and daily use.
Auto-Gard High Performance Microfiber Cloth - 189.75
For me, this is the best Microfiber Cloth in the market right now! It is sturdy, dries quickly, and will not scratch any surface. This non-woven absorbent attracts and lifts dirt, dust, and grime with ease while leaving a streak-free finish. This is very effective in the maintenance of my car’s exterior and interior. It can also be used in other surfaces such as TV screens and other things that needs extra care in handling.
Others: I also use their wax to shine my car. I love how my car looks after applying it. It gives off that fresh from the car wash look that we all love.

These are all available at every Ace Hardware. You can even shop for it at the comfort of your own home by going to their website and Lazada. 

Also visit their Facebook account so you can check out their other products!

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  1. Wow! A wide range of maintaining one's car! Would love to try it on our Fordy! 😍😍😍 thank you for sharing this Ma'am Rochelle!

  2. Wow this is really helpful since my husband just bought a car (just a second hand car but still looks newπŸ˜„) and we dont have this items yet.. Well except for the micro fiber cloth. I will show this all to hubby.. Thank you for sharing

  3. I remember last time when we had a car we also treated him as a baby (yes him coz we named him Harry hehehe). It’s true that we only need a right product and equipment for taking care our car. The cargo net is really very helpful. :3

  4. Thanks for the tips πŸ˜‰

  5. Nice tips! Very helpful especially to those who have cars. ��

  6. wow nice car..wala kming car pero the microfiber cloth my ganyan yata si husband sa motor mya magandang panlinis.

  7. Crissel ann D. MatiasApril 17, 2018 at 9:29 AM

    Thank you so much sa tips. Sila hubby my sasakyan papabasa ko sa kanya to hehe

  8. Ang tidy tingnan kapag organize ang mga gamit. ^_^


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