Absolute Distilled Water Gives Care to Mommies at Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital

I know no one will disagree if I say that a place filled with babies can be considered paradise. However, considering what their mothers has gone through is not something that is close to paradise. This is what I know based on first-hand experience and from what the mommies at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital told me, when we visited them with Absolute Distilled Water.

Going back to that hospital brings back a lot of memories of when I was assigned there as a nurse, and of course, memories of when I gave birth to my sons. I’m just glad that Absolute Distilled Water gave out mommy wellness kit to the new moms in the hospital. These mommy wellness kits contain essentials like soaps (from body soap to detergents) for their personal use during their stay at the hospital and of course, Absolute 100% pure distilled drinking water that will be needed by the new moms to keep themselves hydrated.

During our visit at the hospital, I was able to bond with the moms while distributing the mommy wellness kit, there are some that are so young and really struggling to manage their new life with a baby. Some are not first timers but is still having a hard time after giving birth. Some moms are not the ones struggling but their babies. Their babies are born premature and would have to constantly be checked by the doctors, honestly, this is the most heartbreaking thing to ever happen to your baby.

One of the moms that I was able to bond with is Michelle, she already has a two-year old daughter and her new baby is another girl, that was born recently, September 16. To tell you guys the truth, I kind of envy Michelle because I really want to have a baby girl and she now has two of them. Maybe next year, God will also bless me with a little princess (fingers crossed) who will surely get along with her three “Kuyas” (older brothers). Going back to Michelle, just like any other mom after giving birth she is struggling to recover, thinking of the baby and her two-year old daughter, on top of that she also must breastfeed the baby to make sure that the baby gets the right nutrition for proper development. It’s also one of the reasons why it’s so important to stay hydrated specially after giving birth, it is important for fast recovery and for easier breastfeeding. Absolute Distilled Water helps in ensuring that the body is properly hydrated, so moms who just gave birth can totally depend on Absolute to take care of mommies like us. If ever I get the chance to have one more baby blot in my tummy, I’ll make sure that I’d drink eight to ten glasses of Absolute 100% pure distilled drinking water. I know and trust them enough because they care for every mommy’s proper hydration and baby’s safety. 

Now, wouldn’t you say that’s #AbsoluteLove
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  1. dito po nagwo-work si hubby ms. rochelle �� nakita nya po kayo kaso nahihiya sya mag approach po ih . hehe ��

  2. The best talaga ang Absolute distilled Drinking Water lalo sa breastfeeding mom laging nauuhaw tuwing pagkatapos mag padede.😊

  3. magkakaroon karin po Mam Rochelle ng Baby girl Si God lang ang nakakaalam.. malay mo 😊😊😊

  4. Really #AbsoluteLove! I love the generosity of Absolute Distilled water to moms who just gve birth. If im given this bag wd essentials too napaka happy ko na after fighting ( giving birth is a fight for me, ika nga nasa kabilang hukay ang isang paa hehe) . Sana meron din ganito not just sa Fabella, i gave birth at RMC, from semi private clinic i was rushed to RMC bec of my fluctuating bp which is really dangerous. First time ko manganak sa isang public hosp, crowded and you have to be brave. So thank you Absolute Distilled WaterπŸ‘ ang saya na ng mga Nanay Ms Rochelle at thanks for being part of this generosity 😘


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