First Dibs on “Toys R Us: Private Sale”

Only a few days left and it’s Christmas day! I’m sure we’re all excited for Noche Buena and surely the kids are waiting for their gifts, which is why I’m so glad that Toys R Us held a private sale at Robinson’s Place Manila, last October 24, 2018. Toys R Us held this early Christmas treat for everyone, and they offered up to 80% off on selected items! Isn’t that exciting? I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to choose from all the toys available, and the child within you will be alive! 

A lot of moms are present in the said sale that day, making sure that they’ll get the opportunity to grab some items that will be given to their kids, nieces or nephews, grandchildren and godchildren. I was so excited when entering the store! I couldn’t keep my smile from popping out of my face! I can’t help but be eager to see all the toys they have that I can get as Christmas gifts, not just for my boys but for my inaanaks, niece and nephew as well. 

Another good thing about this private sale is that we were able to use PayMaya for the mode of payment. We just scanned the QR code and were good to go, no need to bring a lot of cash. Less hassle and more convenient. A really great way to shop anytime, anywhere! But that’s not the end of it, everyone who used PayMaya to pay for their purchases had the chance to win P20,000 Paymaya Credits that can be used for their next shopping spree.

You can check out Toys R Us Robinson’s Place Manila for all your Christmas gift shopping. They have various toy to choose from, may it be for infants, to toddlers, to kids, and teens. I’m sure they’ll be able to help you with your Christmas gift shopping!

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  1. ganda tlga ng Paymaya👏 Lalo na this holiday season na kaliwat kanan ang sale. 😍


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