Make Your Holidays into Happy HoliDANES

Since the dawn of time, (Wow! 'Noong unang panahon' lang ang ibig sabihin nyan.) we, Filipinos celebrate Christmas in our own traditional way. Attend the Misa de Gallo, open gifts and eat Noche Buena with our loved ones. This is the same routine every year. This year, I've had the idea to spice things up and add my new tradition for the most awaited holiday season.

Annually, my family and I would gather and spend the holidays together like every family all over the world, because there's nothing like the warmth of home. And with the grand reunion that's about to happen, I'm very excited to introduce a new and fun tradition that we'll definitely enjoy and will make this holiday more memorable like no other.

As we go through some fun snack ideas, me and my kids wondered 'what if we give the cheese ball a new role in our hapag-kainan?' And so we did. We've decided to make Danes cheese ball into a delectably cheesy treat that we can all enjoy. The rich cheddar taste of Danes Cheese Ball is commonly used to add a festive touch to any pasta, salad, or meat dish. Though, this creamy cheese ball is perfect for making any dish to an instant favorite during Noche Buena, it can also be the highlight of your yuletide feast. We introduce to you our bright idea for appetizer, a cheese platter, featuring Danes Cheese Ball, together with crackers, nuts, ham, brocolli, and grapes. It's the perfect finger food for family members to enjoy while having chit-chats and exchanging throwbacks.

My kids really enjoyed "Rochelle's Danes Cheese Platter" and with these kind of approval from my boys, I'll surely add this to my Noche Buena list because I know that my loved ones will appreciate a fresh new treat once they see it on our table. I can't wait for the smiles on their faces! With tasty holiday treats made even better with Danes Cheese Ball, every member of the family will savor Noche Buena while sharing stories and laughter – no distractions, just shared memories – making this holiday celebration a new and fun tradition filled with deep joy and great food.

If your interested with this idea, Danes Cheese Ball is available in all major supermarkets nationwide. 

They have something special for you too. When you purchase five (5) Danes Cheese Balls 350g or 500g, you get one (1) of the same size for FREE! Buy Danes Cheese Ball 500g or 750g and get FREE Danes Classic Cheese 180g. 

And if you want to avoid holiday traffic, long lines at the grocery, or the hassle of finding a parking spot, you can order Danes Cheese Ball with just a few clicks and have them delivered at your doorstep with honestbee! I so love it because I'm a huge fan of honestbee and it's great that I can easily have Danes Cheese Ball whenever I need it.

Let's enjoy Noche Buena and create more memorable stories with different snack twists - make fun and new traditions with Danes Cheese Ball. Happy holiDANES!

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  1. wow , dawn of time🤗 hehhe i like the captured photos esp with the kids kasi priceless. Masarp din etong Danes👏 Like ko yang pa promo nila.


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