2018: Year of Opportunities

I can truly say that "WE MADE IT!" 365 out of 365 and we're all here. Thank you, Jesus! It's been a good run and now we're waving good bye to 2018. Year of opportunities. Yes, this year opened doors that led me to different experiences in life. Experiences that allowed me to see the world, encounter new people, and enjoy this journey with the people I love. Last year-end post, I asked for 2018 to be better than 2017, and I got my wish. 2018 was a leveled up version of 2017. 
New sponsors and new teams to work with, new and old places to visit, plenty of pleasures in life to indulge myself with, and of course lots of things to be thankful for, all of those were crossed out by 2018 because I got the chance to grab every opportunity that came my way. A few of those, I'll mention below and share the highlights of the good things God has given me for the past 12 months:

OPPORTUNITY # 1: TRIP TO  BANGKOK (again!) - Pulses
I was able to be a part of saving the world by eating pulses and even went to Bangkok, Thailand. Spent the last two days in Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭 learning and trying out “superfoods” aka pulses (such as dry peas, lentils, red beans, and chickpeas). I’m really grateful to be a part of this event because it is in line with my goal this year to live healthy.

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OPPORTUNITY # 2: TRIP TO  JAPAN (again!) - Wacoal
Wacoal products in the Philippines are jaw-droppingly beautiful but when I got the chance to see how they we're made in Kyoto, Japan, I was beyond stunned. The place was huge and remarkable. The staff of Wacoal we're nice and very accommodating. It's refreshing to visit Japan again, I'm super thankful to Wacoal for inviting me to join their Wacoal Factory tour. 

Another highlight of my 2018 is the support of the people who believed in me and trusted me! You guys are the best! And because of that, I was nominated for Nuffie Awards 2018 of Nuffnang, but sadly, now they're close. Still, it was an honor to be nominated for such an award, though I didn't win because, I, myself, also wanted someone more deserving to receive that award, I am super grateful for the overflowing love and support from the people who voted for me. 

Our trip to Taiwan was a mini family escapade that I'll forever cherish. I got the chance to visit new places that are fresh for the eyes. Though, I wasn't able to fully enjoy the trip because I was bitten by a mosquito and the travel to Taiwan didn't really meet my expectations. I was just super excited and things didn't turn out the way that I wanted it to be, but still, I'm happy to slowly see the world with my family and Ninang. 

Now, the trip to remember just unfolded! Bali Trip with my Mom, Tatay Al, Nikka (a.k.a Sisterboom), Roscoe, Chage and Caleb opened my eyes and enlightened me that life is short but overly gorgeous in every angle! The people who are close to me know that I recently had depression because of being verbally abused, but prayers and endless support got me through! It was super effective when you're dealing with depression and anxiety. Visiting Bali showed me how to appreciate the beauty within this cruel world. It showed me how to be positive even if life keeps knocking us down. Bali is beautiful and so is life.
Also, I got a pretty good haul when I was there. Haha! 

During my special day, I got the chance to give back a little to my supporters and dedicated followers. The Disney Princess Party became a way to show my appreciation for all the love that I've been receiving from the very start. It's my own way of saying thank you to all of the people who loved me even though I'm full of flaws and imperfections. The party is my childhood dream and I'm happy to share my dream to other mommies out there whom I think also have the same dream as I am when they are still little girls. Being a princess for a day is everything I could ever asked for. 

The BloggerBabes Christmas Party has been going on for two years. We, blogger babes started this to get to know of our supporters. A close encounter and perfect bonding so that we can also share some of our insights on a personal basis. Meeting everyone was eternal bliss. Everyone was just so jolly and excited. I am very grateful to all the PINK GIRLS out there and to my BloggerBabes Friends (All About Beauty 101, Dear Kitty Kitte Kath, Gen-zel-She Sings Beauty, I Love Keisha by Mommy Blogger K, Kikaysikat and R0ckstarm0mma)

You guys are a big part of my 2018 journey. Hoping that we'll still have our 3rd, 4th, 5th, nth Christmas party. 

Lastly, we couldn't forget my life's passion, RUNNING! Running is no longer an obligation, it's a hobby, a stress-reliever, a goal, and a huge help to my sexy body. Joining marathons and fun-runs for the entire 2018 allowed me to earned medals that are perfect for my collection of marathon medals and freebies. Running, not only helped me achieve my fitness goals but also kept me healthy. What else made a good run aside from my fitness goals? That's my life in 2018. Everything was as smooth as a marathon.
This 2019, I'm hoping for a lot of things. I'm mainly praying for a baby girl. And with God, I know nothing's impossible. This new year gives us new chances, new beginnings and of course new opportunities. Just keep on going and never give up. We should not quit and pursue what we want and what inspires others. Let's continue doing what we love and never let our passion die just because we failed to do it the first time. There are people who are willing to stay by your side no matter the odds. They will support you til the very end and we must be grateful for that. The long run is over, open the next page of your journey with me. 2018 was great, let's see what 2019 will bring us! 

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  1. Bless be to God for a wonderful year of 2018! :) Fave ko dyan syempre yung Disney birthday bash mo Miss Roch. Even di ako nainvite or nakadalo, i watched all the live at vlogs about it. I can see how much you enjoy your day. And hoping another fruitful year ahead! :) Thank God for this year!

  2. I love that you get to launch your Vlog Channel and ran a vlogmas! (hindi ako nakahabol haha).

    More, more travels and opportunities for you! :*

  3. Congrats to all of your achievements Ms. Rochelle I know that you will be blessed continously because you do have a good heart and you are very generous. You deserve everything because you really worked hard for it. Thank you for always remembering us...your followers. We will always support you all the way.

  4. Happy New Year Rochelle 😍 Ansaya naman this post!
    Love it!!!

  5. Yehey! Praying po na mas maganda ang 2019 ninyo Ms.Rochelle. ako po maganda din ang 2018 ko dahil po sa inyo sa pag invite po ninyo sa akin ng dalawang beses. Hindi ko po mararanas maging princess ng isang araw kung hindi po dahil sa inyo. Praying po na pagpalain pa lalo kayo ni Lord kasi marami kayong napapasayang tao. At natutulungan.

  6. Congratulations ate roch. More blessing. Good health. Happy life and matupad pa lahat ng wish at dream mo :) Thank you so much at nakilala ka namin :) More blessing to us this 2019 :3

  7. Ang ganda ng family photo ninyo Ms. Rochelle. Congrats sa mga na-achieve mo na goals at natanggap na opportunities. Wish you a prosperous 2019. Stay sweet and bubbly.

  8. wow now lang ako naka visit and catching up after our vacation, super love this blog post 😍 So happy for you daming travels and ganap na na achieve and na share to us readers and followers too 😘 Congratulations for a very fruitful 2018 Ms Rochelle 😍

  9. Wow! Ang daming achievements last year. Hoping and praying na nasa mas dadami pa ang blessings ni God sayo at sa family mo lalong lalo na sa wish mong baby girl. I'm happy for you sa mga na-accomplished mo. God bless you more this year and the years to come. :)


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