Delicious 100 calories snack packs

Hi sexy mommas! I’m back with more fitness tips and of course, life hacks. We all know that I’m both a fan of different exercises and delicious food, and I know what you’re thinking right now! “These two things don’t go along pretty well.” If you had too much of those delicious food, you’d gain weight and gaining weight means more fats that need exercising and less temptations in life. But I beg to disagree! Why avoid the good things in life when you can still enjoy them in controlled quantities or maybe in monitored frequencies.

I, for one, am a fitness fanatic. I SUPER love running, going to the gym, and making sure that I want to have that healthy and sexy figure all the time but it’s hard to maintain such figure if you’re a chocoholic like me. I love chocolates more than any sweets out there. I’d cry for a piece of chocolate cake right now! Haha! But kidding aside, with my love for chocolates, my diet and bikini-body goal are on the brink of destruction. That’s why I looked for other ways to satisfy my chocolate-cravings and enjoy other indulgences without depriving myself of life’s simple gustatory joys.

While searching for fitness hacks, I came upon healthier alternatives. Not because you’re on a fitness journey, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have zero indulgence. You can still satisfy your craving with proper discipline and controlled eating. Some of the indulgences that you can still enjoy even when you’re on a “Balik-Alindog” journey are wine, bread, and cheese. 

As for my never-ending chocolate cravings, I’ve found the perfect snack for the job. I’ve chosen the 100 calorie FudgeeBarr as an alternative for a slice of chocolate cake and the 100 Calorie Choco Mucho, instead of other chocolate bars. The 100 Calorie packs are delicious snack food products that contain only 100 calories. Satisfyingly good and easy to burn. 100 calories is equivalent to just four percent of a regular adult’s calorie requirement for a day. Imagine if you take in another 100 calorie snack as an excess for your diet, you can simply go run for 10 minutes, cycle for 15 minutes or a short 36 minutes of cleaning and poof! Bye bye 100 calories! 

I’m on my way to attaining my dream bod for summer without avoiding cravings and mouth-watering temptations. And let me leave this small reminder right here…

“Achieving your fitness goals requires sacrifice and compromise but it’s not worth it if it leaves you unhappy.”

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  1. Wow new product ng Fudgee Bar. Less guilt na magsnacks para s mga health concious :)

  2. Thank you for another tips ms.Rochelle surely love gagawin ko din yan para mas healthy ang pangangatawan for the whole t magampanan ng maayos amg work bilang isang nanay.

  3. Bet ko yang you disagree hehe kasi coming frm you na fitness enthusiast nakka boost din confidence when reading this para iwas guilty when crave minsan ng chocolate �� i admit i like this one esp kapag movie marathon Choco Mucho kasi crunchy at no umay feeling ��

  4. Ayyy ito talaga hinahanap ko because of my "balik-alindog" program lol. Can't escape sweets so glad to know local products na low-cal. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Wow!Perfect Chocolate 100 calories pa!sure to eat everyday pARa fit everyday.No to say no sa Chocolate fudgee product.All time favorite na!low calories!Go!

  6. Hi san nkakabili po nian? Thanks


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