#HappyNewYou at Watsons + get a chance to win iPhone XR!

New Year, New Me. 

“2018, you’ve been good to me. 2019, here I come.”

”Thank you 2018, next.” 

Always the same mantra, but never the exact changes we expect because we always thought it’s easy adapting and changing our lifestyle routines just so we could feel better. But how many days do our changes really last? How many days do we live up to going to the gym on the first month of 2019? Or sticking with our skincare routine to have that pore-less wonderful skin? Well it doesn’t really matter now because this 2019, Watsons offer a whole lot of changes in store for us as we figure out what needs progress and constant improvement to make us holistically stunning. 

Look good and feel good as they provide easy-to-follow tips and wide range of products that will be our partner in achieving the desired resolutions we always dreamed about. 

Here are 4 must share tips I have for you: 

1.) For a more radiant and fresher skin that will make you an envy of many, first try determining what skin type you have so you’d know the best products for your skin. Build a skincare regimen that suits you best and consistently follow that routine 1-3 months, since that’s the time recommended for your skin to fully adjust on the products you apply. Also make sure to avoid the eye area to avoid inflammation and the mouth area to avoid sudden dryness of the lips. 

2.) Nourish yourself for a glowing new you which radiates from within by making sure you’re amply nurtured with glutathione, collagen, and vitamin e. They are the best supplements that won’t break your skin and will keep you fresh and gorgeous all day. It also helps to know what supplements best fit your skin for a more radiating result. Be pimples free and wrinkles free by keeping your skin nurtured with products from Watsons. 

 3.) Take time and make time to attain a healthier new you by simply identifying the best vitamins and supplements you can take. It does not only help in keeping your skin glowing and pimple free, but it also boosts the immune system making you less prone to viruses and other transmutable diseases. Don’t forget to consult your doctor if you’re under extreme medication or is pregnant, since Watsons care for your health as much as they do in keeping your skin supple and smooth.

 4.) You may either rock in a black dress or be classy in white by choosing different products that best suit your different personalities, events, and style. Glam up your look by coloring your hair in different shades or apply subtle tones of eyeshadow for a more gorgeous and stylish new you. Never go out of style by mix matching hair products and cosmetic product; because in Watsons, you’ll never go out of style. It’s definitely the season to give yourself some loving and pampering you truly deserve. 

Start your new Year goals with Watsons and you’ll never go wrong. It’s about time we actually continue to grow love for ourselves as we stick with Watsons. And yes, it’s not only self-love this year, since Watsons love their regular shoppers.

 They’re giving away 10 iPhone XR for customers who use SM Advantage Card, SM Prestige, PRiMO, BDO Rewards Card, or the NEW WATSONS CARD, for a minimum purchase of PHP500. Promo ends on February 20, 2019 as Watsons Card winners will also receive 10,000 shopping points. 

 Always remember, for a #HappyNewYou, Watsons got your back!

It's definitely the season to give yourself the much-deserved love and start your New Year goals with Watsons. Tune in to Watsons Facebook live at the end of January and celebrate the best version of yourself. Be an inspiration and showcase your 2019 self by sharing your journey and tagging @watsonsph on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with the hashtags #HappyNewYou and #LookGoodFeelGreatwithWatsons 

For more information and to shop online, visit www.watsons.com.ph

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  1. I love it. Gusto ko yang pahashtag nila na #HappyNewYou. It feels like being born again. With new hope :) Syempre being healthy is not always thru physical chabges pati din mentally, emotionally at spiritually. Love uour mantra Miss Roch! :) And yes to a black or white classy dress. Simply elegant

  2. Wow ang bonga ng pasabog ng taon ng watson miss rochelle...Tiyak madami na mag hoard sa watson ngayon niyan

  3. dami po kung natutunan sa mga reviews niyo miss rochelle thank you po for sharing po more blessings to come po for you and your family

  4. you're trully inspiring ms rochelle 💕💕💕


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