Keep your phones juiced up all throughout the trip!

As a blogger, I always need to check what’s trending to stay classy and in. With this, I always use my phone for heavy browsing and searching online. One main problem I’ve encountered is when I’m out of town and I run out of battery. I always feel the need to have my phone on 100% whenever I travel just so I could make sure I can always stay on trend and capture memories as they pass by. Also as a starting vlogger, it drains out my battery so much that I always worry about not being able to give my best in every way.

I have been waiting for so long, but good thing there came a lifesaver, my newest powerbanks from VEGER. Now, I can already stay connected with my family 24/7 without having to think about my battery. Also, mingle with my friends and followers as easy as 1,2,3. Check out the featured products below.

Veger VP 0608-6000 mAh powerbank & Veger VP 1019-10000 mAh, are two of the most portable and affordable powerbanks in the market being offered by Veger. It is very posh and stylish which fits my different personalities and styles.

You can choose Veger VP 0608 if you prefer lightweight and sleek design. It also comes with a sling which is very convenient while travelling or walking around. It comes in three different colors: Space Grey, Gold, and Rose Gold. For a very affordable price, you’ll be able to keep a classic yet astounding piece of device whenever and wherever you need it.

Veger VP 1019, on the other hand offers more power and charging capabilities. It can fully charge a device 3x so it will keep you prepared and running for all your adventures. It also offers a minimalistic design but is still very trendy. It is still more thin and lightweight compared to most powerbanks in the market considering it's real 10,000mAh battery capacity. 

Now juice up your phone and stay connected by trying out the Veger products which can be bought at Always be online and up to date with more power coming from your powerbanks! 

Don’t forget to check their websites or facebook page for more promos and updates regarding their newest products.

Like Veger Philippines on Facebook and follow @vegerpowerph on Instagram. 

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  1. Love this for being stylish :) Plus its a must talaga ang powerbanks especially pag nagttravel ka. Incase maubusan ng battery dba. Thumbs up for Verger :)

  2. Wow ang ganda ng designs ng mga powerbanks na to. Thanks for sharing!

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