Discover and nurture your child’s talent at Promil Four iShine Talent Camp 7

As parents, we want nothing but the best for our kids. And as we see them grow and develop, we might think what can we impart to them that can nurture them further and help them grow as better individuals. The only goal we have as their guardians is to see them succeed and enjoy what they’re doing. Through that, we can be fulfilled and we can say we have been a great parent to them. Part of this is having to develop their knowledge and honing their skills and talents.

The crucial window for development peaks at the time our children starts to learn; to cope with things around them. This happens very early and it ends at the time they already have their senses to judge things based on what we taught them. So until they haven’t reached that age, it is our duty as parents to help our children stimulate their brains and improve their well-being. To develop their skills and talents, we have to give them a little push for them to build confidence and we need to give them the best guidance they could have.

Develop your child’s talents and passion through i-Shine Talent Camp 7 of Promil. Kids ages 6-11 can enjoy different fields of talents including singing, dancing, acting, and art making. They will be joined by various prominent people who excels in those fields who will make sure our kids will learn and get to enjoy what they do. 

Teachers Robert Alejandro and Kara Escay from Papemelroti will coach the Art Camp, 

Maestro Ryan Cayabyab returns as the camp master for the Music Camp, 

while Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy of the G-Force Dance School leads the Dance Camp. 

Audie Gemora heads the Theatre Camp, whereas Lisa Macuja-Elizalde guides the Ballet Camp.

I put my whole trust in this camp as I plan to enroll my youngest son, Elijah on the dance class headed by teacher Georcelle and my other son, Ethan who loves to make art. I know the camp will help my children enjoy and the teachers will guide them to excel and develop in their respective choices. Of course with utmost support and confidence boost from me and my husband as their guide outside the camp. We also get to play a vital role in their development as we push them to achieve their dreams and support them in everything they do. We will be proud as their parents if we see them nurture their gifts and talents as well as succeed in different aspects through the help of this camp.

Promil Four i-Shine 7 Camps will run from April to May 2019, and will be open for kids all over different cities around the Philippines like Manila, Batangas, Cebu, and Davao. This is to allow kids outside Metro Manila to experience the joy and learnings, i-Shine has to offer.

Discover and nurture your child’s potential at Promil Four iShine Talent Camp! To know more about registration and how to reserve a camp slot for your child! Visit for more details.

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