What is your child doing this summer?

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and we welcome new classes this coming June 2019 as they advance to another level. But learning and honing our child’s talents should not stop at the end of the school year. On March to May, our children will be taking vacations, some will travel to other places and some will be spending their summer in their provinces. But for me, it is very crucial as a mom, to encourage my sons to never stop learning even though the school year has finally ended. Good thing there’s i-Shine Talent Camp 7 organized by Promil

Notable talents which are members of the camp who are also visible in different youth programs on television and competitions in and out of the country are Worth Lodriga, Esang de Torres, and Shaira Luna. Worth Lodriga is a national artist in the making. He has competed in various local and international competitions and has been tagged as the Little Picasso who started making art at age 6. Esang de Torres, who became famous as the MiniMe of Lea Salonga was also part of the camp before. She was included in the cast as little Cosette from the critically acclaimed theatre production of Les Miserables when it starred in Manila. She was also a part of the musical play, Matilda, where she was casted on her first lead role. Lastly, Shaira Luna whose career is in sky rocket as she pursue photography. She was one of the first promil kid and was tagged as “gifted child” among others for her exceptional works in the field of photography.

With all the achievements these kids reached at a very young age through their trainings and growth at Promil camp, I am sure it’s a very good decision to enroll our children in this kind of platform. So this summer, I decided to enroll Elijah, my youngest son, in the dance class headed by no other than the G-force founder, teacher Georcelle. I believe she will help hone his skills and talents, of course with my guidance.

So mommies and daddies, be sure to never miss this opportunity for your child to grow and develop their talents. Don’t hesitate to enroll them in different classes which are offered by the camp. They can join the art class, dance class, music class, theatre class, and ballet class which are all headed by prestige and known people from their respective fields. It will be running from April to May 2019 all over the country as it expands its reach to children with potentials at Batangas, Cebu, and even Davao. 

Don’t miss the chance and enroll your children at Promil i-Shine Talent Camp 7! See you all there!

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