How to join Promil Four’s i-Shine Talent Camp

Develop your child’s talents and potentials by enrolling them at Promil I-Shine Talent Camp 7. Open for kids aged 6-11 years old, the camp features different fields that focus on enhancing and improving your child’s talents with the help of people who excel in the field of music and the arts. I-Shiners will have the chance to partake in a fun and interactive experience that may boost their confidence and improve their potentials, as well as impart life-long lessons to them that they may use in the future.

The camp will be open in 4 major cities, from Manila, Cebu, Davao, all the way to Batangas. It will be spearheaded by camp masters from different expertise. For the artists, Robert Alejandro and Kara Escay will be teaching the kids techniques in drawing, painting, and crafting, while making sure the kids bring out their creativity. For the musicians, the music camp will be headed by no other than Ryan Cayabyab. Learn new songs, play instruments, and harmonize with fellow performers as you let music complement your passion. For the dancers, Teacher Georcelle of the G-Force will make sure you move and groove to the right music, valuing teamwork and coordination between your group. For aspiring thespians, Audie Gemora will share his experiences in valuing versatility in the form of self expression, stage acting, and performing arts; making sure your child immerse themselves in acting. Last but not the least, for those who enjoy the art of ballet, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde will teach your kids discipline while demonstrating the art of gestures.  

  So take part in your child’s development as they grow and explore their respective interests. Make sure to enroll them in one of the camps and be a proud parent just like the past i-shine scholars. To reserve a slot, visit and check which location is best suited for you and check out the camps available at your place. Advance your child’s learning today by nurturing their gifts! See you all there mommies and daddies! 

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  1. WOW ang ganda nito mommy rochelle mas ma boost pa mga bata ang kanilang mga talento.

  2. Mahilig po kumanta ang kids ko hehe kaya gusto ko sa knila ang Music Camp sana may mas malapit pa from Rizal pa kami para madali lang byahe hehe

    Fb Queenie Mance


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