Disney Princess Back-To-School items For Your Little Princess!

Very much a part of every girl’s childhood involves watching Disney animated films. After all, who can forget all those lovely Disney Princesses who have influenced many young girl, each one serving as role models that inspire a child’s imagination of living their own fairytales?

Indeed, Disney has brought us so many magical memories and allowed us to create our own magical stories. For my birthday celebration last year, I had a Disney Princess Themed Party. Being a princess for a day is everything I could ever asked for. 

And as another school year is about to start, moms and dads are equally excited to get their princesses all the nice things they need courtesy of the Disney Princess back-to-school novelties! Grab these items at any SM Department store and let your princess-in-training bring a royal Disney touch to class. 

DISNEY PRINCESS Backpack, Php 499.75; Pencil Box, Php 179.75.

Stylish yet functional, this Disney Princess backpack provides a spacious interior with multiple compartments that can fit everything your child needs on her first day of school.

DISNEY PRINCESS Lunchbox set, Php 349.75

Enjoy delicious lunch and snacks with this Disney Princess food keeper. This lunch kit includes a plastic food holder, a tumbler, and a pair of spoon and fork.

DISNEY PRINCESS Black Shoes,Php 1,399.75; Headband *comes with Disney Princess crowns, Php 249.75

Step into a royal fantasy with these Disney Princess black school shoes. The leather material with Velcro straps will keep your little princess’ feet comfortable while allowing her imagination to wander. Can’t wear a tiara to school? Fret not! This Disney Princess headband will leave your child smiling from ear to ear as it tops off her look in shimmering fashion!

DISNEY PRINCESS notebooks, Php 28.75; Pencil Box, Php 179.25

Your princess will be spending a lot of time taking down notes, so why not make her stationery set extra special? Grab these colorful Disney Princess notebooks and pencil case and make your child’s school days count. 

DISNEY PRINCESS Back to School trolley bag, Php 1,299.75

Let your child’s school days be filled with magic carrying this Disney Princess trolley bag. With a retractable handle and various pockets inside, this bag is perfect to keep your little princess’ school essentials organized.

DISNEY PRINCESS tumblers, Php 249.75
*Depending on type and size

Allow your child to live her princess dreams as she sips from these pretty Disney Princess tumblers. Designed for a true Disney Princess, these tumblers will keep her drink – and school memories – fresh and enchanting!

DISNEY PRINCESS White sneakers, Php 999.75

Your little princess can also be sporty with these white Disney rubber shoes! Let her step into her PE class athletically with these protective rubber soles that will provide a stable traction wherever she goes.

DISNEY PRINCESS Doll Plushies, Php 399.75

As the new school year is about to begin, your little princess will surely miss her summer playmates. But with these dazzling Disney Princess Doll Plushies, your child will surely have the best company during playtime.

So be a fairy godmother and get your princess-in-training all the wonderful things her heart desires. Head on to the SM Department store near you to avail of these latest Disney Princess Back-to-School items!

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