Rojo Coffee: A Neighbourhood Café That Gives Back

The most perfect day for me is waking up worry free and hassle free in a morning view with my whole family beside me. To start the perfect day, it is always paired with a perfect partner that gives me energy and boosts my entire mood up; no other than taking a good sip on coffee. No matter what, it is the best drink in the morning that lifts my spirit up and energizes me to the max. 

Although there have been so many coffee shops around emerging, promoting coffee here and there. I must say I still haven’t found the right one yet. BUT, the arrival of ROJO COFFEE just changed my mind and they proved to me that the most perfect coffee branch has finally been introduced in our country. A good coffee shop paired with good food that would really tickle our tastebuds and will be a very good bonding habit for me and my family. 
Rojo Coffee officially opened its doors to customers on July 2, 2019. [L-R] Business magnate and owner of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Mr. Jose “Jerry” Acuzar and Rojo Coffee owners Jovy Acuzar and Khaled Ostwani.

Rojo Coffee was officially launched last July 2, 2019. It is owned by Jovy Acuzar and Khaled Ostwani, introducing local Arabica coffee and classic comfort dishes with a twist on having both Filipino and Spanish menu, from pasta to sandwiches to rice meals to pastries. A lot of varieties to choose from! 
Nothing beats a hearty bowl of  Filipino favorite with a twist. Rice bowl specialties include Housemade Tapa Bowl, Adobo Flakes, Longganisa Hamonado, Bangus Rice Bowl and more
Being as patriotic as we Filipinos are, they believe local ingredients harvested by Filipinos bring out the best taste and flavors, while also helping our local farmers achieve their goals and prosper their businesses. This way, their coffee shop guarantees that the ingredients are freshly obtained and responsibly sourced from the different parts of the Philippines. Their products are set the “ROJO WAY” ensuring quality and freshness in every ingredient there is from meat to breads, while also promoting the non usage of any flavor enhancers harmful when taken in excess like MSG.

“The extra magic touch that makes your meal and stay with us seamless and memorable, it is what makes us uniquely Rojo,” says Jovy on how they prepare each of their dishes.
But what’s even better is that the brand helps the less fortunate through all their projects and through their small initiatives. “We try our best to reduce food wastage in our kitchen and support charities that aim to solve hunger issues.” For sure, we all want to engage ourselves with a coffee shop that promotes such causes not only for profit but also for the benefit of everyone, mostly the less fortunate.


Rojo Coffee is located at Victoria Sports Tower Station 2, 
799 EDSA South Triangle, Quezon City.

Stay connected with Rojo Coffee's Facebook and Instagram at  

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Make sure to visit and bring your family and friends and bond over coffee and good food, the ROJO way.

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