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My children are the most important treasures in my life. I live to keep them safe and take good care of them so they would have a bright future ahead of them. As a mother, my primary duty is to safeguard their welfare by all means. So when I was invited to take part in Baby Company Buckle Up Baby Drive last May 10, I didn’t hesitate even a bit to attend. Imagine promoting something that would benefit my children the most, why would I say no to it?

Baby Company Buckle Up Baby Drive was held at SM Mall of Asia, with the biggest child car seat caravan ever set on the Philippines. It was the grandest gathering of people promoting about child safety and their welfare while on the road. This event was pushed through because of the coming RA 11229 also known as Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act. In preparation to the introduction of this Republic Act, we are now having various seminars and gatherings that would greatly tackle why it’s important and necessary to have baby car seats when travelling with your kids. In order for us to guarantee their safety and welfare, implementation of this RA is really important and that we should all comply. This is one great addition to our country’s provisions in keeping our children safe. 
Other countries have already decreed laws and bills promoting baby car seats for children way before. When I was still in the United States, I wasn’t really allowed to travel without baby car seats whenever my kids are with me. Now having such initiatives from our country today in implementing the baby car seat really makes me happy as a mother. Knowing they are promoting something that would keep my kids safe I would only support them to the fullest extent that I can. This is to be able to share to all of my followers what cushion of safety I had in the US that made me feel assured about my kids’ safety while on the road. Seatbelts won’t actually suffice that much when it comes protecting our kids because there’s an appropriate height for it to be that effective. I’m really glad we are now taking advancements in our country and that Buckle Up Baby Drive will provide us with the car seats along with various selections to choose from. 
In order for us to make sure that our children are safe with regards to the preferred height, weight, age, and length of our children, a child car seat has to be; Buckle Up Baby Drive grouped the seats accordingly. 

They are as follows:
Group 0:              From birth up to 4-6 years old and with a weight of 0 – 25kg.
Group 1:              From birth up to 12 years old and with a weight up to 36kg.
Group 2:              9 months to 12 years old, with a weight of 9 to 36kg.
Group 3:              4 years old to 12 years old,  from 15-36kg.

Of course while checking the right fit of the child car seats, I was also able to check the quality of their product and if it fits the safety standards allotted for child car seats. It does not only guarantee safety on the road but also comfort while on it. 

They already partnered with baby companies which are known and trusted worldwide such as Chicco, Graco, Picolo, Maxi-Cosi, Aprica, and Joie. Offering wide range variety of choices to choose from in picking out quality and safe to use products, these companies are well known for taking good care of clients. They are known in providing excellent products so they would surely not miss out on providing you with the best child car seat. I hope you all consider the safety it brings to your child, so never miss out on these great deals being offered by Buckle Up Baby Drive.
I honestly feel really ecstatic now that child safety is being imposed in our country as much as in the US. I feel safe and with hope that our children will be the very least affected when car accidents happen. I am very much ensured that my kids will be safe whenever we go out of town or road trips. With this, I would like to urge everyone to simply follow and comply with the Child Safety in Motor Vehicle Act. Together, let us all be more informed and aware of our child’s safety by providing them with Buckly Up Baby Drive child car seats. It is best to prioritize safety, than to regret in the future. Share your thoughts below if you have any experiences or ideas about using child car seats and what’s your take on this RA.  

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