Make sure to keep your baby monitored with TimeFlys

I am so excited for baby Eliana Reese Emiko to come in September. I am already starting to get things for her. I found this TimeFlys baby monitor, the new trend there is in the market that features monitoring your child. 

 Timeflys focuses on the production and reinvention of baby monitor that features a product that keeps your baby monitored even if you’re in other parts of your house. They have already supplied almost 5 million baby monitors all under different brands, while establishing high quality and reliable products. They use Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) which provides an interference-free environment making sure you can hear your child’s voice-as clear as you will in person. You won’t be missing out on his/her first words! Imagine the convenience it offers as we never miss out on many of your child’s firsts. It also has a night mode feature, ranging from temperature monitor to make sure he/she is in normal temperature to lullaby functions to make them feel comfortable while sleeping. This is what we’re looking for in trying to find a great partner in keeping our child monitored. 

It is our utmost priority to make sure our children are safe and away from harm. No amount of money would ever come close compared to the joy of having them, so be sure to always find the best partner you could have in raising them. With Timeflys baby monitor, you are always by their side to hear them. 

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TimeFlys audio monitor are available at Rustans, Parenting Emporium and Babymama stores! You can also visit their online store at

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