Serenitea Features Dessert Plus Milktea All-In-One

Summer season is finally ending but then again, there are still some days where the heat is really intense it’s like summer all over. And although the rainy season is fast approaching, it is still a good choice to quench our summer thirst with drinks that would chill our bodies. Good thing Serenitea offers a new series of drinks where they combined dessert and milktea all-in-one! For all milktea lovers, of course it’s a must to try this one because it really is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had. For those who opt for dessert after lunch or dinner, grab these new flavors and excite your taste buds as you experience a whole new kind of dessert.

I just read the introduction of these milkteas, from Rowena- a good friend who runs and surely, it didn’t disappoint. I went to the nearest Serenitea branch from my house which is on Banawe to try it ASAP. 

They have been available on all Serenitea branches since June 15, 2019; a good installment on almost all of their good products. 
There are four Serenitea Cookie Brulee drinks being offered: 
Cookie Brulee Milk Tea (P120 M / P135 L) 
Cookie Supreme Milk Tea (P155 M / P170 L)
Cookie Supreme Matcha (P175 M/ P195 L)
Cookie Brulee Matcha (P140 M / P155 L)

All very affordable for a drink which can be considered as dessert, this is one good catch and a good promo for Serenitea.  

  I have already tried some of their products before but I most definitely would want to emphasize that this series, is the best one yet! I was with my family so we decided to try on all variants and surprisingly, my family loved it; although I recommend to only ask for its sugar level at 25% because it is sweet enough already. Doing so also limits your sugar intake because the recommended sugar level on milk tea is usually just 50%. You already have the perfect drink for you, all at the same time monitoring your sugar level! I am also astounded by the fact that the combination of dessert and milktea goes really well. Its combination doesn’t dry our mouth to the point that we become thirsty, it is very smooth and I will most likely order again so my family can bond together over it. I hope in the future they release variety of drinks for everyone to try and satisfy our wants just like this one! 

  To check out which branch is near you, log on to for a complete list of stores around the Philippines. Make sure to try it and I know for a fact that you will not regret! Bring your family and friends to indulge yourselves on Serenitea’s newest installment, Cookie Brulee drinks!

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  1. wow dessert and milk tea in one�� Agree that drinks like this can beat summer heat , this series is a must try and would go for medium size. Based sa review na the combi goes well, mukhang walang umay Ms Rochelle �� check ko to soon

  2. Ang perfect ng taste!like na like ko yan!


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