#SchoolYearReady with Easy Soft Shoes by World Balance

It's back to school time! Just making sure you were able to buy all the necessary things your kids need for their entire school year. From their uniforms to bags to school supplies, I hope you were able to prepare all those for your loved ones before they go back to school! Oh, and as per my kids, I have already provided them with what they need. But I'm still in search for the perfect shoes they could wear on their everyday journey to school. 

Usually, it takes us a lot of time choosing so we place the shoes on the bottom of our list because as a mother I am very picky with regards to what my kids will wear. I believe that having great shoes is also a great investment because it will be the one to take my kids to places. If they don't feel comfortable about it, then we would not get it. But in choosing the perfect pair of shoes for my sons, I consider the budget, comfort, durability, and design of the shoes. Budget wise, we know that their feet grows very fast and that they might actually outgrow their current shoes in just a matter of months. But I won't really mind buying them the exact same size of their feet because making them wear something bigger might be a little uncomfortable for them. This is why we were able to stumble upon Easy Soft Shoes by World Balance. 

Usually, we know World Balance for their sporting goods but now they have released a line of Easy Soft Shoes for school! Very much perfect as the new school year starts and parents would look for the most comfortable shoes there is in the market that would not hurt their budgets. Surprisingly, it is priced at Php499.00, a great steal from the usual Php3,000 up to Php5,000 shoes I used to buy for my sons. This time, a much affordable shoe brand by World Balance offers great convenience because it is made from Vicrotech- a rubber synthetic blend which is durable, flexible, waterproof, and shock absorbing. Perforated design of insole with added cushioning providing our kids with lightweight shoes they could move freely around without discomfort. I am very much impressed with Easy Soft Shoes because upon hearing it's made of rubber. I almost thought it would look like one too. But no, it looks like the usual synthetic leather shoes we used to buy. A great companion I would invest at whenever a new school year would come. Definitely, we will buy every year!

My sons already used it and they surely loved it, I cannot wait until your kids give it a try too! I want to hear your feedback with regards to these newly released Easy Soft Shoes by World Balance! Share your thoughts and experiences about Easy Soft Shoes and together, let us all celebrate our love for our children by giving them the best.  

Stay tuned for the giveaway! I will be giving away Php5,000 worth of World Balance Items gift certificates. 

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Be #SchoolYearReady with Easy Soft shoes, now with memory foam for comfort all-day! Now available in-stores and online.
STORE LOCATIONS ---> https://bit.ly/2WwOHS4

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