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We’re currently in an era where Milktea is life and we all patronize milktea products may it be costly or cheap in price. But what’s very trendy nowadays aside from milktea is having various cafes around the metro rising through the industry. Cafes are a great place to stay at and catch up with your friends over a cup of hot coffee while it’s drizzling outside, or a frappe in the middle of the blazing heat. You can even have dinner dates with your loved ones and cafes would still be a great choice! 
Now, a newly introduced café branch is currently making it big in the market being popularly trendy all the time offering milktea, coffee, and meals together. Black Scoop Café never fails to make it big time on the internet. Always going viral and being talked about by many. But for me and my family, it was not an unfamiliar brand. We always make time to visit Black Scoop Café and celebrate various family occasions and spend a lot of bonding moments there especially when I was still craving for a ton of food (you all know I’m pregnant, using this as an excuse to eat hahaha). 
Since this is one of my family’s favorites, we actually consider franchising, managing, and opening a branch in Metrowalk because we trust the café so much together with all its content! Drool worthy! And all meals are very much worth it for its cost.

I visited the Eastwood City branch of Black Scoop Café recently, located at Eastwood Citywalk 2. Interior was so eye catchy just like their other branches. I now fully understand why students flock there from time to time to review, very chill and relaxing vibes! They offer so many meals that it will take you time to decide because they offer a lot of varieties.
Spaghetti Bolognese
 My personal favorite is their Spaghetti! Actually, all of their pasta varieties are all yummy and simply tasty so I recommend for you all to try them out. 
Tuna Pesto

Aglio Olio Spanish Sardines

As for their drinks, personal favorites are Wintermelon and Okinawa Milktea, just the right blend of sweetness that really makes my day complete! Both are very rich in flavor that the milk doesn’t overpower the tea. I have yet to try their other products but I am looking forward to order Black Scoop Cafe's gallon of milk tea which is good for sharing with my kids; surely another product which will bond us together and would tender bonding time for us as family. 
Their sundaes are also must-try! They offer Black Mascarpone and Milk Tea Swirl, which both are very diverse in flavor! You get to choose your own toppings too! The sundaes are very customizable according to your likings and very affordable.  

To cap it off, I can only say one word about Black Scoop Café. INTRIGUING. It leaves us wanting more; it leaves us more curious to try out their other products after finishing one meal over another. And I swear, the more you taste every meal in their menu, the more times you’ll revisit to order other meals! I’m planning on visiting their flagship store in Maginhawa too because I heard that they offer exclusive products there! See you all in one of their branches and together let’s enjoy our meals the Black Scoop way!

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  1. wow prang ang sarap nmn po kumain jan..ung pasta nila pra ang sarap. 😱

  2. Wow ! Sarap magfoodtrip jan momshie..
    Lalo ung cake at pasta nila kakatakam ❤❤❤


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