When You're Comfortable, You're Unstoppable

Carrying Baby Eliana Reese makes my back ache and feet sometimes get so swollen because of the weight she adds on mine. But I don’t mind because I have a handy partner with this issue. I use Vionic Footwear. 

Their products are all tried and tested by shoppers everywhere plus they ship too! They cater to Men and Women, from sneakers to flats to formal shoes, they surely got what you need! I personally love how their collection is wide and it really offers you everything you need on whatever occasion there is. One stop-shop for all our footwear needs. PLUS! They offer an innovative approach to foot health and comfort.  Vionic Footwear attributes biomechanical technology into each shoe for guaranteed All-day comfort you can really feel. 

They are already expanding nationwide and their stores around the Metro are already multiplying after their innovations and promos that are very different from the normal shoe brands. I also love their advocacy wherein they’ll give their customers a 30-day wear-test to make sure that we’re happy with our purchases. I can say a brave move for footwear brand and that they must be really sure that their products wouldn’t fail them that’s why they guarantee a full refund of the purchase. 
I have with me Vionic Park Regina. I love its texture and the design itself. Very minimalist but still elegant and can be used everywhere! Especially now that I am having much errands to and from home, I am obliged to walk around; but with this Vionic Sandal I am confident that my feet wouldn’t hurt and that I am at my best form because of my footwear. What I love about this sandal is that it is very lightweight, it doesn’t stress me out by standing for hours and walking from one building to another. Very stylish too, I can use on different occasions!

Try out Vionic Footwear products and experience the same comfort that I have experienced in using their products. Guaranteed 30-day wear test and let’s all find out why it is a product that is emerging in the market rapidly! Check out their stores and check their products on their website https://www.vionicshoes.com.ph

Let’s all support a brand that cares for our welfare the same way it presents us in public by being stylish. Comfort and style combined with Vionic Footwear products!

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  1. Ang gling nmn po ng vionic iniisip nila ang knilang mga customer qng san mgiging comfortble ang knilang paa sa pgsuot ng knilng footwear..thank you kay vionic kc comfortable ka madam dyosa lalo na at dinadala u c baby eliana..yan ang vionic footwear may puso😍😍😍

  2. Super pretty naman momshie blooming na blooming ,bagay po ang ootd mo sayo.. keep safe always ❤❤❤


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