Why you should drink Selecta Fortified Milk?

Because of my recent pregnancy , I crave for almost a lot of things. Some are very weird in taste while others are just the normal food that we eat. This state is very frequential especially when I still had Baby Eliana inside me. Paglilihi in lay man's term, but it's really something I gave in especially that I feel like I have to satisfy myself for the sake of my baby. 

An all time favorite that I was able to carry until now is milk. I rarely drink milk since I favor chocolate and flavored drinks, but when I was conceiving Baby Eliana, milk was one of my most go to drinks. I always make sure to drop by the grocery store and hoard a lot of cartons of milk. 

My favorite is Selecta Fortified Milk. 

It is very important for lactating mothers to monitor what we take because it will also be taken by our babies. That's why for me, one of the best choices that I have is drinking Selecta Fortified Milk. It provides me with all my calcium needs for stronger bones and it's a great source of protein for all the energy I need to take good care of my family. I will surely introduce this to Baby Eliana when she grows up and of course, I have already introduced this to my Nikolas, Ethan and Elijah. 
Selecta Fortified Milk doesn’t need preparation to be enjoyed, its ready-to-drink, and it comes in eco-friendly tetra pack containers. Then even have 100 ml packs that’s perfect to carry around as “baon” for me and my kids.
Mommies, it's very important to take milk for ourselves and for our family, to help us develop stronger bones and muscles. Selecta Fortified Milk is fortified with Calcium, and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, and D3 which are all very good components in developing our bones, body, and brain. For all your calcium needs, always make sure to drink Selecta Fortified Milk! 

They offer 1 liter pack which are really great for families, but they also have tetra packs which are very perfect for outings. Make it a habit to drink your milk! 

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  1. Besides milk, another good source of calcium for the bones and joints can be found in health supplements.

    Taking them regularly can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis when you start in your early years.

  2. nkita ko po sa google na mga raw milk na inumin ay bawal dw sa mga buntis? unpasteurized milk po i search po sa google kng anong mga brand kabilang po ang selecta .. at tulad niyo din po mahilig along uminom and buntis po ako ngayun selecta po ang brand na paborito ko.. thank you..po

  3. Im a four months pregnant can i drink selecta fortified milk?

  4. Pwede po ba uminom pag unang buwan o higit pa ang buntis?


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