Complete the Festivity with Virginia Season's Delight Ham

December is the season of celebrations and gatherings because we all celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. His coming signifies hope and new life to all of us; especially that Christmas is best celebrated with us Filipinos. All over the world, our country and fellowmen are considered the jolliest and most fun to be with especially Christmas holidays therefore, even other countries spend their Holidays with us here in the Philippines. It just shows how welcoming we are and how warm we make everyone feel even if they are not related to us. This is my most favorite time of the year because I get to spend all of my days with my family and I am able to see smiles on their faces every time I surprise them with gifts and bountiful set of food cooked on the table. Our favorite bonding time is when the clock strikes 12 midnight on the 24th of December and the bells would jingle and everyone would run around carrying their gifts, hastily excited to open each of what they’ve received.

But Christmas isn’t complete without food especially with my family who loves to eat all the time. Our table won’t be complete without our favorite Christmas Ham that completes the celebration of festivity on our home. A simple get together with various gifts and sumptuous meal would suffice my kids and me as we celebrate this coming Christmas. However, I always make sure to incorporate only one Christmas Ham and that is Virginia Season’s Christmas Ham. This is the best ham available in the market and it is made very affordable for each family. Virginia Food Products are guaranteed safe and ASF Free since their meat came from other countries which are ASF-free and their local supplies come from Cebu.

Guaranteed safe to consume and very much appetizing. Celebrate your Christmas with your loved ones together with Virginia Season’s Christmas Ham

Pear Shaped Chicken Ham
Blended with the finest ingredients to give you that sweet aroma and uniquely juicy flavor. 
American Tenderized Ham
Spice leg ham, cured with a smoked and sugar-glazed flavor.

Black Forest Ham
A German-inspired ham with a unique smoky aroma, combined with a salty and meaty flavor which makes it different from your ordinary ham. 

Brick Ham 
Coated with specially-made pineapple glaze with a juicy and tender meat texture; giving you a meaty and sweet-sour taste.

Chinese Fortune Ham
A round-shaped ham with a meaty texture, giving you that salty and smoky flavor

Jamon De Bola
Made from the finest ingredients of ground meat and spices, and coated with glaze giving it a sweet-salty and smoky-meaty flavor. 

Pear-Shaped Ham
Elegantly molded and mildly seasoned, it's a holiday delight that's definitely worth the price! 

Pineapple Ball Ham 
Made from whole muscle meat that's delicately shaped into a ball, leaving you a lingering sensation with its well-blended taste, rich aroma, and juicy taste. 

Smoked Crown Roast Ham
Slab of tender pork back ribs, tied and shaped like a royal crown, and meticulously seasoned to give you that sumputuous ham taste.

Share your Christmas Stories and together let us all celebrate the essence of giving and sharing. Looking forward the Holidays together with Virginia Season’s Christmas Ham.

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