Moira Dela Torre with Downy Parfum launch new song “Yakap” to encourage Filipinos to #Spread100Hugs

To welcome the holidays, Moira Dela Torre releasedher first-ever original Christmas songentitled, Yakapinspired by Downy Premium Parfum’s #Spread100Hugs campaignas it embodies that heartwarming Filipino Christmas spirit with its touching lyrics and enchanting melody.

This song was a collaboration between me and my husband and it was inspired by how Christmas hasalways been my grandma's favorite holiday. Ever since Jason came into my life, my songs have always been in collaboration with him. He came up with the chords, I came up with the melody, he came up with a few words and I finish it with a story. When we heard about Downy Parfum’s #Spread100Hugs, we both envisioned ‘Yakap’, and we wanted to create a Christmas OPM kundiman (love song) that capturesthe essence of giving hugs this Christmas,” said Moira Dela Torre.

Indeed, the power of a hug transcends time. As Moira shares,This coming holiday seasonis going to be my third Christmas in 26 years that I won't get to celebrate with my lola. Thankfully,the past 23 years I had with her was filled with meaningful hugs that will make up for a lifetime. She truly inspires me to continuouslyspread love. And with Downy Parfum, I am more confident to spread hugs as much as I can to my friends, family and most especially, my husband Jason.”

On the day of its release, Yakaphas been streamed for more than a hundred thousand times and has been a part of the country’s top hits on Spotify! Undeniably, it is on its way to being an OPM classic that Filipinos just can’t help but fall in love and feel the warmth of the Christmas spirit with! Even celebrity parents like Saab Magalona,Chynna OrtalezaSay AlonzoHelga Krapf,Vanessa Matsunaga and Troy Montero can’t get over how much the song brings back so many good memories that excite them for the coming holidays they’re going to spend with their families and loved ones. 

Yakap’s meaning really transcends through people of all ages and a lot can’t help but share their own rendition of the song -- famous Youtube singers like Raphiel ShannonRy & Con, and Aiana Juarezeach gave the song a really personal touch matched with their own distinct styles. This kundiman perfectly encapsulates the true meaning of Paskong Pinoy, a classic Filipino holiday. 

Remember with Downy Premium Parfum

Downy Premium Parfum also launched a poignant short that follows the story of a girl named Anna and her lola, who was always by her side through life’s ups and downs. As the years go by, and Anna moves to a different home, her lola starts to become forgetful, and Anna is afraid that her lola might have forgotten about her. But as it turns out, the love and happiness brought by Anna’s hugs are forever etched in her lola’s heart. 

To anyone who lacks the confidence to share warm hugs with their loved ones, Downy Premium Parfum’s long-lasting perfume freshness provides that much-needed assurance that will last up to a hundred hugs. Each hug is not just a gesture of kinship, but also a moment to create a special memory made more meaningful by the fresh and refreshing scent that only Downy Premium Parfum evokes.

To get into the holiday spirit, watch “Remember” that captures the power of a hug which transcends the test of time. Afterwards, make sure to listen to “Yakap” that will surely uplift you at anytime. Yakap’s music video is up now too.

This Christmas, make sure to #Spread100Hugs with Downy Premium Parfum. For more updates, you may visit


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