2019: Dream Come True

Looking back, I realized why I had to go through what I got through the past years. Another year has finally ended and I all I can say is that I’m really grateful to God for giving me a prosperous life. It’s just lately that I’ve realized how my heartbreaks and disappointments led me to the right time; this moment. I finally learned that God really surprises us in his ways with all the challenges he prepared us for. We had to go through waiting, and breakdowns to be able to appreciate what’s gonna come ahead. 

Let’s look back and appreciate how my 2019 formed me to who I am now and how it changed me for the better as a person.

I got to travel to all of my dream destinations this year. Growing up, I’ve always loved the idea of going to Paris. I’m always in awe of its beauty and how the architecture really is something that’s other worldly. It may be everyone’s dream destination to go to because of how romantic it is especially with your partner. It’s a dream come true to finally be able to walk on the very dream I had growing up.

Going back to the States after some years of staying here in the Philippines spoke to me another volume. I was able to appreciate my family even more, myself a little bit more because I learned the value of time. I under appreciated the presence of so many people in my life, but going back to the United States, it made me more thankful that I still have everyone with me and how I should not waste every waking opportunity to make them feel how special they are to me.

Visiting New York once again, left a wonderful memory to me because this was the time I felt like I was going through a lot. Not because I had so many things on my plate, but because, unaware, I was already carrying another lifeform in my tummy. I still got to visit a lot of places in New York but I wasn’t able to enjoy much because I thought I was getting sick.

Growing up, the best example I could have in terms of making things last and the greatest sacrifice I ever saw came from none other than my Mom. It’s a joy to be able to witness her, getting married again at Las Vegas. Her happiness, is also my happiness. It’s such a wonderful experience to see your mom receive unconditional love and genuine happiness. 

I got to visit my sister at Seattle Washington while enjoying how majestic the place is. This year was not only about adventures and travels, but also another opportunity for me to rediscover the value of family. To retrack my roots and remind me again how my family is the best depiction of how I should raise my kids. 

Fauré Le Page 

Visiting my Kuya at Boston sparked a different lesson to me. I got to appreciate the process of hardwork and perseverance- the lesson it was teaching us. I was able to appreciate every ounce of waking every day early, just to be able to provide for your whole family. And I learned that it would take you so far.

Last but definitely not the least because it was the grandest of all; having my ultimate dream come true, Baby Eliana. You started of as prayers, my princess. You started of as little sobs at night asking God for a baby girl. You were a product of all the prayers I’ve mentioned combined plus all other prayers from all friends and family. You are the greatest gift I received this year aside from your brothers and daddy. I can never ask for more except good health for you and my whole family. That’s how much I love you Eliana Reese. And that’s how much I thank God for giving me you. I will make sure to make this world a better place for you to live at. I promise to shield you from any pain. I love you so much. 
Every end of the year, I always ask for a better year to come and God doesn’t fail my prayers, pretty much like of everyone else’s. He opens new doors for us and he always make sure that it is a product of what we sow.  I can’t say I have nothing more to wish because I will always pray for good health for my family and friends, but I can say that it’s been the best year so far because I was able to do a lot of things I never expected doing and my ultimate wish came to me as a surprise. 

I hope you all live a happy life and may 2020 be a catalyst to all our prayers and wishes. The past years, we struggled so much only to see ourselves thriving the next years to come. Always keep your faith! Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy 2020 Ms Rochelle.
    More Blessings to come.

    Thank you for being part of our 2019 as well. It makes even more colorful.

    See you the soonest. 😘

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