I wouldn't be in this place if it weren't for all the friends, family members, brands, and PR Companies that believed in me and continues to remember me. For that, I am beyond grateful for everyone especially those that have chosen to believe in me since day one without any doubts and have worked with me numerous times. I feel so special whenever you make me feel that my opinion matters and my beliefs are purely what your brand or products need. Thank you for always making sure to send me packages whenever there are big events that are launched-I have grown fond of unboxing mystery boxes from all of you, thank you. I don't just special, I feel loved and embraced warmly.

This post sums up how I appreciate each and everyone, although I don't have the chance to thank all personally- I just want to let you all know that I include you all in my prayers. All of the opportunities that open up for me, are all because of your belief and love for me. Thank you for your trust, I will try to keep them intact because I know how trust is one of the hardest values to gain, I will surely take care of it. I am truly humbled by your support and love.

Here's to another year full of closing chapters and opening new adventures that will take us to further places! I'm excited to meet and greet all my friends and I'm looking forward to working with other brands in the coming months. To a better year!

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