Aice Milk And Eggs To Help Improve Immunity!

We all know the struggle of making our kids take vitamins. Especially with our current situation, taking multivitamins is a MUST to help our immune system. I'm pretty sure we've all tried lots of ways to make kids (and sometimes, even adults) take our daily doses. From cute themed kiddie vitamins to food alternatives to new health food trends. 

Recently, the Singaporean ice cream brand AICE released their new variant especially formulated for this time. AICE created the Milk & Eggs variant as a response to the increasing demand for immune system-building foods, especially now that we are under the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Now, most of you should know that milk and eggs are actually the base ingredients for making traditional ice cream. You might ask, "Could consuming ice cream actually help improve your immune system?"

To answer that question, during the launch of AICE Milk & Eggs, they invited Ms. Joan Sumpio, a popular Registered Nutritionist and Dietitian. She enlightened the attendees how milk is still an essential source of calcium and eggs are loaded with Cobalamin and Vitamins A and D, all essential to boost one's immunity. 

A delightful surprise is the ice cream itself, not only does it harness the nutritional benefits of milk and eggs, it's also flavored with honey and comes with a strawberry compote center. Strawberry is a part of the citrus family, thus an excellent source of Vitamin C. All these healthy components combined, it's a guarantee that AICE Milk & Eggs will be like taking your multivitamin plus the fun of eating ice cream!

As the AICE Milk & Eggs ice cream is especially made for and during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has been actively distributing this to multiple barangays and to frontliners as well. Another thing is, buying a box of 5 gets you a free face mask, an essential during this time.



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  1. the first time i saw Aice, i already fell inlove with their flavors. also they were very affordable too. i love their watermelon ice cream,mochi, mango, sweetcorn in a cone,coffee crisp and most especially the strawberry with white chocolate coating. now, this is a great addition to Aice family.healthier ice cream that is affordable to all.

  2. Wow Dagdag kaalaman na naman .. Salamat po

    #HaveAnAiceDay 😍
    #HealthyAndStrongFamilyFightAgainstCovid19 ⁣

  3. Ang sarap nga po niyan Mommy...The best ice cream din Yung Aice


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