Make a yummy spaghetti in 10 minutes with Purefoods Slow-cooked Spaghetti Sauce w/ the #1 TJ Hotdog #TenderJuicyfied

 As a mother, my greatest commitment to my children is not only to take care of them until the time they can already take care of themselves. I lived up to the challenge to also provide for them nutritious food to aid them in their growth; making sure they would be the best version of themselves. Healthy body and active mind to promote their well-being. With this, I am very meticulous with the food that I give to them. I make sure it’s not only appetizing, but also would give them their daily dose of nutrition which they need to be healthy. 

That’s the most challenging part of motherhood, to think of everyday of what we will prepare for our kids. At first, it was a struggle for me to find good recipes online and incorporate my own take to make sure I would serve them a healthy food. But through time, I managed to squeeze in my own ingredients and even scouted through various products in the grocery just to make sure that what I’ll serve to them is both yummy and healthy. But of course, that was all before the lockdown happened. Nowadays, I order online from the brands that I trust (Which I also recommend to all of you) and would make it work to produce something that’s perfect for my family.

Now in every Filipino household, there will always a stapled favorite dish that you can make not just for celebrations but also for meryenda. Through the years of preparing everyday for my kids, I now know what food they’d want for the day and would serve them their choices at the very most of my availability. Now that I’m working indoors, I have more time to make their favorite spaghetti. A pop of pasta and sauce which takes less than an hour and my recipe of Spaghetti will be done. But now, I’m #TenderJuicyfied.

With the new Purefoods Slowcooked Spaghetti Sauce with the #1 Tender Juicy Hotdog, it only takes me 10 minutes to make a yummy spaghetti which is ready in a jiffy! Imagine the cutback on preparation time, for sure the kids wouldn’t have to wait long just for them to eat their favorite spaghetti. 

The Purefoods Slowcooked Spaghetti Sauce with the #1 Tender Juicy Hotdog is complete with all the ingredients needed to make a sumptuous meal. With all the meat, sauce, and right spices in one pack; for sure your kids will ask for it every day! Not just that, we’re sure that Purefoods Slowcooked Spaghetti Sauce with the #1 TJ Hotdog has all the nutrients our children need to function at their best for the whole day. Perfect formeryenda, your kids will surely ask for more! 

Make your kids day special and “Complete it!” with The Purefoods Slowcooked Spaghetti Sauce with the #1 TJ Hotdog

Show #MomsBestLove by preparing them their favorite spaghetti meal and let’s all be #TenderJuicyfied by how yummy Purefoods Slowcooked Spaghetti Sauce with the #1 TJ Hotdog is! 

You can get it from leading supermarkets and online via San Miguel The Mall (

Instagram: @purefoods

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  1. Wow ang nice naman po nyang spaghetti sauce ni purefoods easy to cook nalang sya talaga hindi na mah hihintay ng matagal ang family mo in just 10 minutes maihahanda muna sya at paniguradong magugustuhan nila ito

  2. Mukhang masarap po itong new Purefoods Spaghetti Sauce. Favorite ko rin po itong spaghetti kaya definitely would try this po. I know masarap po ito dahil gawa ni Purefoods..

  3. prefect sa mga tulad kong ndi marunong magluto ng spagetti sauce so nice at meron na ang purefoods for sure masarap to.😍

  4. That's the positive side of working indoors na Ms Roch, more time to think, prep, take care of the household. Much more creating more delicious yet healthy meals without spending much money and of course time lalo may maliit din tayo. We get to learn tlaga astas we travel this motherhood journey thru the years. Am glad there's new Purefoods slowcooked spag sauce wd Tj hotdogs, another discovery that we surely love.kahit pa walang okasyon, keri na magspaghetti bec we want the best nga for them and spag makes them happy ❤️

  5. We loved it sphagetti fave nang kids and whole family.Would love to try this.


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