BSKIN Philippines officially launches the newest Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum


BSKIN’s new Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum is officially here in the Philippines. Launched in different parts of Asia, now we will have the chance to experience the power and magic of this eye serum.


An eye care serum that is packed with multiple benefits – hydrates, firms, and brightens our most loved eye area. BSKIN Philippines unveils the amazing benefits of this game-changing eye care serum as it reverses signs of aging, erases dark circles and pigmentation, decongests and reduces puffiness, and prevents skin dryness. 


But what’s the real eye-opener for us in this new normal is that, we should take care of our eyes double the way we take care of the rest of our face and skin. Simply because our eyes are the most noticeable part of our face and it is the most exposed and tired part of it. 


During the lockdown period, screen time has drastically increased because everything is only accessible online. Therefore, our eyes, obviously suffered a lot. And now that the new normal required us to wear face masks most of the time, only our eyes are very much exposed to environmental pollutants which results in premature skin ageing.


Here are BSKIN tips on how you can make your eyes have that luminous glow in the new normal:


Not as tricky as before, this new normal makes us all focus on our eyes. During daytime, you can use light make-up to cover eye woes and to add up some color on it to make it brighter and more attractive. But always make sure to use products that are made of safe ingredients and will not damage your skin like the BSKIN SS Cream. This 4-in-1 cream is made up of all-natural ingredients which combine skincare, sunblock, because of its SPF50+/PA++, make-up base and foundation. While on nighttime after a long day, make sure to treat your skin and never skip your skin care routine. Always follow the wash-tone-moisturize routine. But don’t forget to give extra care to the most exposed and tired part of your face – your eyes. There are many eye cream products in the market, but make sure to trust only the natural and the best product that will give the extra care your eye deserves.


Always choose to be smart about your skin care products, choose BSKIN and you will thank yourself in the future for giving your skin the best care it deserves. 


BSKIN Philippines represents a revolutionary combination of Science, Knowledge, Innovation, and Nature to give consumers the confidence that comes with having beautiful, balanced skin. Harnessing the wonders of nature together with 50 years of skincare technology, BSKIN Philippines delivers effective results using a gentle-on-the-skin formula to achieve a state of harmony and balance for healthy skin. The secret? More than 30 years of experience in potent bee-based compounds and bee wellness products.


BSKIN Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum is available at:

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Get in touch with us! Please tag us @bskinph on FB, IG, and TikTok and follow our official hashtag #BSKIN and #EyeLoveBSKIN


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